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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One thing we'd like to take on the trip is a solar charger to help us keep laptops, cell phones and camera batteries up to snuff. Here are a couple of promising ones we've found.

Pico Solar Rechargeable Charger

We already have this one, but it won't handle bigger chores like our laptops and camera batteries so we are on the search for other solutions.

Product Features
  • Recharges most cell phones, GPS's and PDA's from it's own internal battery
  • Pico can be recharged either by by solar or USB connection
  • USB output allows wide range of devices to be charged
  • Small, lightweight and compact

Product features:
  • Made of Durable Nylon with a High Efficiency Thin Film Solar Cell
  • Works with Automobiles, RV’s, Boats & Small Electronics
  • Built-in Blocking Diode Protects Battery Discharge at Night
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Maintenance Free / Easy Installation

Product Description:

The MotoMaster Eliminator 12Volt Folding Solar Panel, also called the Sunforce Folding Solar Panel is ideal for hiking, camping, sporting events, on campus and at the beach. This solar panel is a flexible, foldable and durable solar product that produces enough power to charge rechargeable flash lights, lanterns, cell phones, GPS units, satellite phones, MP3 players and portable games. Just about anything that is capable of being charged through a standard cigarette lighter adapter (CLA -car charger) can be charged by SUNLINQ. SUNLINQ solar panels made with PowerFLEX technology are lightweight, flexible, weatherproof and durable CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide) solar cells.

It provides higher efficiency than other flexible solar cell technologies, including amorphous silicon, and has been proven to be stable. The 6.5-watt portable solar panel offers a unique solution for reliable and portable solar power for cell phones, PDA's, and other small personal electronics. The SUNLINQ 6.5 watt solar panel weighs less than half of a pound and when folded is compact, lightweight and easily stored and transported. The SUNLINQ product line is designed for low maintenance and rugged durability. The SAE plug provides simple attachment to a load. Built-in grommets allow for hanging, mounting or laying in any position.

Of course this is JUST the solar panel and we'd need to add other items to make it functional, I think.

Huge Capacity Solar Charger and Battery


The Huge Capacity Solar Charger and Battery is the perfect green gadget for the traveling geek. With its powerful 20,000 mAh battery and 29 unique adapter tips, it can power up and charge just about any portable electronic device. No need to carry around multiple chargers! Use this one to power up your phone, laptop, mp3 player, portable GPS navigator, GPS tracker, digicam, portable DVD player, portable gaming system, and more! Whatever you've deemed necessary to your life away from electricity, this charger can juice up. It even comes with a carrying bag for your charger, adapters, and gadgets. Leave it out in the sun to recharge, or plug it into any AC adapter or car charger.

Product Specifications
  • 20,000 mAh Battery and Solar Charger
  • Battery recharges quickly via AC adapter, car charger, or solar energy
  • No more messy cables or carrying around multiple power adapters when traveling
  • 29 unique adapter tips, works with most electronic devices
  • Power up and charge electronic devices on-the-go
  • Includes a free carrying bag
  • Dimensions: 8" x 11" x .7" (205 x 282 x 18mm)
Hmmm, this one seems like it would do what we want, all in one package. Not sure about the waterproof capabilities though.

Will keep looking until we find what we want/need or Stu decides we don't want/need. LOL!

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna


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