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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

RVing with big deal, right? Heck, there are dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, fish, lizards, snakes and who knows what else out there traveling with their owners.

Campground restrictions vary but one rule seems to apply to off-leash animals and clean up after your animals. Some have specified pet walk areas, some have actual dog runs.

What should you expect if you want to camp/travel with your dog(s)?
  • Some parks restrict dog size by weight.
  • Some parks restrict the number of dogs/pets.
  • Some parks restrict specific breeds.
  • Some parks restrict "aggressive" breeds.
  • Some parks charge a pet fee.
Most of you know we have added a puppy to our household, a little Boxer mix named Sadie. Based upon her current size and parents size, she will max out around 40#. That will help with the parks that allow dogs that size and smaller.

Boxers are sometimes considered aggressive but more often the restrictions are on breeds like the Pit Bulls, Akita, German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher and Rottweiler. The truth of the matter is that it depends much more on the owners and training than on the dog breed. I have met small dogs that were overly aggressive. But I am sure at some time we will get turned away, we will deal with it when it happens.

We are working hard on socializing and training Sadie. She already sits and comes, now we are working on stay. She enjoys people of all sizes and ages as well as dogs and cats. We are working on getting her used to riding on the motorcycle for our Route 66 trip next May.

We are really enjoying her puppiness and look forward to her outgrowing her puppiness. LOL!

We recently started a blog for pet owners, Toadily Pets, and hope you'll take a look and submit your pets for Featured Fridays, as well as submit any pet stories you'd like to see featured in the blog!

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna

(Please pass the link for Toadily Pets on to your pet loving family and friends...thank you!)


  1. Sadie is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time!!!!!! HAHAHAHA What a ham.


  2. Sadie looks so comfortable and happy. What a cutie!

  3. Only 40 lbs.? Look at those feet!! :)

  4. OMG! She is absolutely precious! Only a puppy could look so cute in those positions.

  5. You posted 5 very good reasons we stay the heck out of RV Parks!! Looks like your Pooch needs a Smooch....Cute:))

  6. Sooo cute! I can hardly wait to meet Sadie. We won't even stay at those rv parks that want to charge us extra for the girls. I'd rather park at a Walmart.

  7. ADORABLE!! I'll check out your pet blog. We have a 35 lb dog (lab/terrier mix), and she's very good, but she can be a little protective of our space, particularly when we're not home. She's an outside dog, and she stays in her crate at night and when we're not home. The problem we have run into at RV parks especially, is that they want dogs only inside, and they are never allowed to bark. It seems like it gets worse every year . . . .

  8. Sadie is a real cutie-pie!
    How do you have time for so many blogs? LOL!

  9. Don't forget to train her on the difference between STAY and WAIT. Also, LEAVE IT is a very useful command. :-)

  10. We fulltimed with two different miniature poodles for 12 years, and never saw any breed restrictions. Last week we went to a campground that stated breed restrictions, but they do not inforce it unless the dogs are agressive. They put it in their literature for insurance purposes. I have never seen a weight restriction. We travel just part time now with two rescued greyhounds, and never have found any campground where they were not welcome.

  11. Oh, and I would not ever pay a pet fee at an RV park, I would go somewhere else. We have never been charged a pet fee.

    Never have I seen a weight restriction either. The two greys are 70+ lbs each and very tall. Everyone likes them. You should have absolutely no problems as long as Sadie is well behaved.

  12. I can't figure out how you are going to do any sightseeing on your Route 66 trip. You can't bring Sadie to museums but you'll have no "house" in which to leave her either. Do you have a plan for that?

  13. Connie/Rd, Gail, Barb, Al, Jim/Sandie, Tom/Marci - thanks. She is a sweetheart.

    Al - we will boondock any chance we can, just don't have the luxury of finding those spots back east here. But next year, watch out!

    Jim/Sandie & The Walkers - we won't stay at a park with an extra fee either.

    Darren - we're kind of stuck on STAY right now. We're doing hand motions in conjuction with verbal commands. She wants to play with our hands....LOL!

    Linda - we are more into riding the route and stopping at ticky/tacky places. We'll do the museums and the like when we have the RV. It'll work out... ;-)

    Thanks EVERYONE for your comments. Hope you'll check out the newly redesigned Toadily Pets!


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