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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanks for all the well wishes for Stu...he really appreciates it. Also, thanks for all the comments on Moore Haven. We're headed there for two reasons, to get warm and to save money. The rate was right (best we've ever had) and the temperatures are definitely warmer than where we normally stay. Being in the boonies is okay by us...we avoid cities as much as possible. LOL! It will be virgin motorcycle territory for us, too.

Before I forget, our good friend Nick is still running his holiday special. You can get or extend a subscription to the Gypsy Journal. I've been a subscriber for years. Now you can choose between a paper or digital version. Check it out here: Buy One, Get One Free Holiday Special Offer.

We're stopped for the night in Ocala FL at Motor Inns Motel and RV Park after an uneventful day. We did stop at Sam's Club in Valdosta, GA to stock up on fruits, veggies, nuts and ground turkey. A few more miles down the road and we stopped at an RV dealer to pick up the parts needed to repair our electrical cord.

This park is fine for an overnight or two and good for us because first, it was a Passport American park (50% off) and second, we got to order PIZZA!!! Once we hit Moore Haven, we'll be in the boonies and won't be ordering out. LOL!

Now that I have a good sized end table (Sadie's new crate), I wanted to pick up a small Christmas Tree. I looked at some really nice ones on Etsy and eBay but I knew they wouldn't travel well. Then I found exactly what I want:

It stuffed and will pack and travel wonderfully. I used to have a great stuffed pumpkin that I used in the fall...decided to see if I could find another one and then that lead to looking for something for Easter time. Should be fun to search...

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Love your little tree. We also have a stuffed pumpkin. What did you find for Easter?

    Glad Stu is feeling better. We haven't had pizza in awhile and there is Papa Murphy's here in the shopping center. I may spring for one on Friday night.

    Be safe as you travel.

  2. Now that looks like just the right kind of tree for an RV!

  3. Adorable tree and perfect for traveling. I couldn't part with some of my sentimental ornaments-not all, just some :) We kept a small tree for the coach but I may eliminate it in the future if space becomes a problem. I can always hang the ornaments from the cabinet knobs :)

  4. That is a very cute tree. I would even consider getting one of those. It is light and wouldn't take up much room. What a great idea.

  5. I made several of those trees back in the late 70's, early 80's as gifts--wonder what happened to mine, it sure would make a good traveling RV tree.

  6. Oh My..You just stirred a memory with that stuffed, and sewn Xmas tree. I have one very similar that my Mother made for me before she died. She was a seamstress and very crafty..(I didn't get that gene)...I still have it at home...never thought to bring it with..Now I will.Thanks

  7. OMG, You were only 13 miles North of where I'm staying and we didn't get to meet !! LOL

  8. Yes the area provides nice riding. Visiting Clewiston, FL will be fun.

  9. Glad to hear you've almost made it to "warm." We're glad to be in Yuma after below-20s overnight temps in Albuquerque.

    A belated "we're SO glad Stu is feeling better." The older we get, the more worrisome even minor things are. I wouldn't describe Stu as a wimp, so he must have been in some serious discomfort. Give him a big glad-you're-better hug from us...

    Renee & Dave

  10. While you are at Moore Haven, you might want to check out the Ortona South Corps of Engineers Campground just off the main highway about 15 miles east of La Belle. It is adjacent to a lock on the Caloosahatchee River. Quiet. Really nice. Inexpensive. Close to groceries in La Belle. The only downside is the 14 day limit.


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