I killed Ellie!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Remember my flat elephant, Ellie? Well mommy said I killed her....heck, all I did was pull her head off. She's still good to play with...really! [snicker]

Yesterday was a fun day...I got all kinds of treats. Yum! Mommy and daddy took me for a bicycle ride TWICE! I love doing that...I get to pull daddy. Mommy says she's going to try to get a video of it, whatever that is.

We took lots of walks, too. It was so warm we stopped a lot so I could cool down and drink water. Today is MUCH colder and so windy. I don't like the wind...it whistles in my ears.

Then mommy and daddy put me in my crate while they went to the clubhouse for dinner. I'm not sure how I did it, but I managed to open the crate and when they came home I was sleeping on their bed. [snicker] I was SOOOO comfortable and SOOOO sound asleep that I didn't even hear them come in.

Then it happened....I didn't mean for it to....honest....I was just so sleepy and so warm....suddenly the bed felt wet and warm underneath me....oops!! Good thing mommy and daddy love me so much, they didn't' even yell. Daddy took me outside and when I came back in mommy had cleaned everything back on the bed.

Think they'll still let me sleep on the bed tonight before they put me in my crate?

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. I've had an accident just like that and my Mom and Dad let me back in bed with them. So I sure hope your Mom and Dad forgive you, too. Sometimes it just happens.

    P.S. I kill lots of my toys and then I let Skittlez play with them.


  2. Sadie - I just love your ears. You are such a cutie.

    Scooter's Mom

  3. Hey Sadie, no worries, oops happen to all of us; I am almost 7 and I have made a warm wet spot on my mommy & daddy's bed and they let me back in and I am 120 lbs......oh and I kill lots of my toys, daddy has to take the squeaker away when I rip it out, my toys are still fun without the squeaker.....Diesel

  4. Oh, Sadie, you must have been embarrassed!
    Probably all that water you had.

    As I can't see very well, I can't jump up on Mommy's bed. But, I know she has a vinyl cover on her mattress, for when the Bobcat, (Manx) that lives with us, had some problem from drinking too much because of her diabetes.
    I don't know what all that is, but I was there when she had to get help to put a new cover on, and heard them talking.

    You might not be able to escape out of your crate again, they got wise to you.
    Hoomans are like that!

    Happy Tails, Misty, TX


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