I'm a BIG girl now....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I got weighed today and I am up to 17.5#....I'm a BIG girl now! Mommy and daddy tell me so all the time. I've been really good about ringing the bell to go outside...no accidents in quite a while.

I've tried using the bell to get some special attention, like when I want someone to play with me. Or when I want to go into the bedroom cause mommy's up there. But it's not working...they just keep taking me outside. Guess I'll have to try something else.

The wet stuff finally stopped falling from the sky but it's still cold out. Mommy gave me a nice warm bath tonight. She said I'm getting so big that the next bath will be in something called a shower. Not sure what that is... I try to be really good when I get a bath cause mommy always gives me a treat when we're done.

It's nice to be loved. Mommy and daddy talk about other pets that don't have homes. She asked me to please post some links so people can help them. So here they are!
Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Hey Cousin Sadie-
    Can't tell you how much we(your cousins) Melanie,Phoebe and Miss Muggles enjoy reading about your adventures. We can't wait to meet you when you come to Florida this winter. Any chance you can bring some of that wet white stuff with you? We'd like to give it the sniff and taste test ourselves.Oh and hey about that bell trick...besides letting you outdoors do they give you something good to eat when you ring it?
    Oh almost forgot to mention that there are 4 cats that live here too. They are okay but they're claws are pretty sharp just letting you know ahead of time be careful when you play with them.
    Woofingly yours,
    Your Florida Cousins

  2. We had sunshine today!! We had sunshine today!! Skittlez and I sat on the dash in the sunshine today! I am so happy. Mom and Dad are doing something really strange. They've put up this tree in our living room and it has all these lights on it. Not sure what it's for but it is awful pretty.

    I think you need to tell your Mom and Dad that they need to get you a playmate just your size.


  3. Hi, Sadie:

    This is Maddie and Molly (via Mommy). We just LOVE reading your stuff! You so understand life and we find we have the same thoughts and questions almost every day! It is so cold here (Mommy said it was 22* this morning...what ever that means...) All we know is, when she let us outside this morning, we didn't waste anytime doing our business and coming back in!

    Keep up the great job with your blog!

    Maddie and Molly


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