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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The day started slowly....I slept in till 10am and shortly after I got up, Sadie and Stu took a nap. Eventually we all got moving. Stu set up our lounge chairs, put out the rope lights, fastened down the garage awning and unloaded both the bicycles and the motorcycles.

We headed out for a ride after lunch, riding into Clewiston where I hoped to get a haircut. We came across a Super Wal-Mart and the hair got cut (short, but it will always grow...LOL!). We then headed over to McDonald's for a treat and to continue getting Sadie used to sitting and waiting for us. She did really well...you can read her view of the day at Sadie Speaks.

We got back around 5pm and sat outside for a bit, reading and relaxing. We keep missing the mail pickup times of 4-5pm. Oh well, it will wait for us. LOL!

I have a request from some newish RV motorcycle friends. Please read below and reply to her directly if you can help. Thanks!
We are looking at an upgraded gps for the motorhome. Now that we are 40 foot long plus 20 ft boat trailer with height and weight restrictions we figured we need a "truckers" model. I'll be following in the dually truck with the 22 ft car hauler (with motorcycles inside.)

Since we are in different vehicles there is no chance to communicate and look at maps, etc. other than walkie talkies. I'm looking for something where you put in your stats and it avoids low bridges, narrow turns, etc. Have seen several at truckstops in the past. some on the net, etc.

What do people who have them like best? What works the best? They can reply to my email - dottieshines@gmail.com Thanks!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Sadie is just to cute. She has found a good Mom and Dad to live with.

  2. I was told yesterday that a hair cut here at a super Wal*Mart is the only way to go. You sound like you are satisfied with your cut, so hope mine works out too.

  3. Donna on the gps will you let ue who read the blog know also please??

  4. should have been us

  5. Might want to take a look at this.



  6. We stayed at MRV in Nov. and I thought we had a good rate. Can you elaborate on the rate?

  7. For rates at M RV Resort, check out: http://www.mrvresort.com/rates.html

  8. Loved the picture of Sadie on the bike and I took a peek at Sadie Speaks - very good writer for such a young dog!

  9. Been reading your blog for a while and really enjoy it.
    Last week I had to serve jury duty. It got me to thinking. Have you ever received a jury summons? What did you do?



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