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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sorry I haven't written lately...I've been busy...honest...you know...eating, sleeping, playing and oh yeah, TAKING A LOT MOTORCYCLE TRIPS!

I don't know what day it was (what the heck are days anyway....it's either light outside or dark outside. You humans have strange names for things that I just don't understand.

Anyway, we saddled up the motorcycles and headed out. It was cooler than I thought it would be so I stayed snuggled into my carrier. Then before I knew it, I was warm and sticking my head up. I love riding!

We stopped and I got to meet some new people named JC and Bev. They loved all over me and let me walk around without the leash in their house. They used to have a dog, but he had to leave forever, not sure I understand that. I could still smell him though and could tell he was far away. They don't have any pets now but I bet they will again someday. They loved me LOTS!

Then we got back on the motorcycles...they had one, too...and went riding, and riding, and riding. Then we stopped in this strange parking lot. Daddy took me out to pee and put me back in. Then he backed the motorcycle up across the parking lot so it was beside a building.

They went inside for a while and then came back out smelling like FOOD. It's a good thing daddy had food and water for me...smelling them made me hungry! Then we rode some more, and more and more...I got to see all kinds of things but they didn't stop very often....but when they did, it was at the big RED AND YELLOW BUILDING. Yup, I got ICE CREAM!! And I also got my picture taken by several people and lots of petting. No wonder I love riding...

Next day I got to try out my new fleece coat for riding....I love the skulls on it. Makes me a real biker bitc...oops, mommy just slapped my paw....biker babe! But I am a bitc*!

Later we went out in the big white truck and I got to try out my new Zip-Line. It may not be what I thought it was but I like it! Even when mommy put in all the groceries I had plenty of room. Now they tell me I'll have to share that room with their folding bicycles and lounge chairs. Humph, we'll see about that!

Today I had my first bath in the shower...it wasn't so bad and I really needed it. Did you know it's all SAND here in Florida? Tonight mommy put my new harness on me, she said it wasn't too big now. Then daddy decided to weigh me...20.8# he said!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,

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  1. Sadie - you just get cuter and cuter. Scooter and Skittlez are already snuggled under the blankets tonight so I figured I'd say good night to you for them.

    Scootz and Skitz Mom


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