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Monday, December 6, 2010

We left Jamestown, TN by 10:30 on Friday morning. That's an early start for us...LOL! It was cold but it was going to get a LOT colder, with a chance of snow. Definitely time to leave...

We had an easy day of driving, we were only going to Carterville, GA where the KOA there awaited us. This is the third time we've stayed at this park. We rarely stay at KOAs due to the cost but this one is convenient to family in the north part of Atlanta.

We got settled in and then headed out to Kani House in Woodstock for dinner with my youngest daughter, her husband and kids. Stu was feeling a little iffy, but nothing serious. We had a nice dinner, enjoyed the grandkids and headed back to the rig.

Stu had a bit of a tummy ache that had been going off and on for a couple of days. Stu felt worse and headed to bed by 10:00. I stayed up for a couple more hours. By 2:30 am we were heading to the ER at Northside Hospital. The stomach pain had gotten worse to the point that he felt it needed to be checked out.

Northside Hospital ER impressed us both...they took him right in and it was another 20 minutes before anyone took registration information (other than basic ID stuff needed initially). Long story short, he was sent home with two prescriptions and told to come back if the the pain worsened or if he didn't feel better within 48 hours. The blood work and xrays showed nothing so the doctor suspected it was a general GI thing...the stuff that goes around this time of year.

We had planned to leave on Sunday after breakfast with my daughter...based upon Stu's not feeling well, we extended till Monday. Saturday was a veg day...I had less than two hours sleep and Stu made up for both of us. LOL! Sunday we went out to dinner with my daughter, rather than breakfast. Stu was feeling much better, fortunately.

We got packed up this morning and hit the road well before noon. We planned a short day, hoping to make Unadilla, GA for the night. We stopped at Camping World in Byron, GA and ordered a replacement microwave dish as well as picking up a few other items.

We're at Southern Trails Resort in Unadilla. We've stayed here a couple of times, discounted rate for Escapees. With the weather being so cold, forecast for low 20's even as far south as central FL, we decided to look for an RV park further south than Bushnell, our original destination.

We found another park under new Maple Hill RV Campground was, back in Jamestown, TN. The park used to be Robin's Nest but now is called M RV Resort. It's in Moore Haven, FL and the temperatures are running 10 degrees warmer night and day compared to Bushnell.

I've never stayed around this area...close to Lake should be interesting. Factor in a rate of under $6 a day (plus taxes & electric), and it should be fun! Totally different riding area for us, too.

Tomorrow we have to stop and pick up some parts to repair our electric cord and then we plan to stay around Ocala, FL for the night. We should arrive in Moore Haven on Wednesday. I can't wait to get a haircut and Sadie needs her final shots, including Rabies. Stu has a long list of little maintenance type things to tackle and I have a long list of books I want to tackle. LOL!

So nothing really exciting...Stu feels 100% better and that's the best news I can pass along!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Glad Stu is feeling better.

    Be safe as you travel.

  2. So happy to hear Stu is feeling better. Let me know what you think of the Lake Okeechobee area. We were in that area for a month and found it to be very economically depressed. And you don't get to see much of the lake because of the dike built around it.

  3. Now you're getting down to my area of the state. I was raised in Lake Worth about 80 miles east of Moore Haven. Sure will keep this CG in mind for our next trip to Florida. Thanks for the info.

  4. We try to spend at least a month every year right up the road from M RV, at Sabal Palms in Palmdale. When M RV used to be Robin's Nest, they had some great weekly dinners. That area is remote but that's what appeals to us. The highlight of the week is going to LaBelle for the farmer's market, a stop at Ace Hardware and Winn Dixie - we love it! ;-) But you're still w/in a hour's ride, or less, for big box stores and such. How long will you be there? We'll be getting there in Feb and would love to get a Sadie-fix (and meet you both, of course!)

  5. Glad to hear Stu is back up and running.

  6. I've never been to that area of Georgia, but I have a membership in Southern Trails Resort that I probably should sell. It was part of an AOR package, low fixed dues at $100. Want to buy it?

    Hope you both stay well and have some down time.

  7. Glad Stu is fine now!

    Yes, some bugs are sure floating around lately. My daughter had a bad tummy ache last Thursday, and I had it on late Saturday night.

  8. Sure glad Stu has recovered...and I know how you feel about that cold air. We had a pretty good bout of it here in Bullhead City AZ. Things are finally warming up and I sure hope that old cold air doesn't come back. Last winter we could not seem to find warm weather anywhere....I don't want to go through that again. Safe Travels!

  9. Yes it is remote, and Morehaven is nothing to write home about. There are no trees to block the satillite signal

  10. It is cold down here in Central Florida. You probably made a good decision to go further South. Even though it's cold, there is plenty of sunshine and palm trees - and no snow! Glad to hear that Stu is feeling better - have a safe trip.

  11. Stay warm, glad that Stu is feeling better!

  12. Haven't been to Moore Haven since the early 60's. (Or the Indiantown rodeo on the other side of the lake) You'll be in the middle between West Palm and Ft Myers. I prefer Ft Myers - visit Edison and Ford's summer home for sure if you head that way on the 2/3 wheelers.

  13. Oh, you can ignore the warning signs at the Florida rest stops to "Beware of venomous snakes" -- it's too darn cold here for them to be slithering around.

  14. Glad Stu is is scary when the "MAIN MAN" gets sick!! We have stayed at an Army Corps park at Lake Okeechobee and loved it...I would go back..It was very clean and on an inland waterway...It was 8 miles East of LaBelle...Have fun in the warm!!

  15. Glad Stu is ok. That tummy thing is supposed to be really bad this year. It is cold down here in southern Texas too.

  16. Glad to hear Stu is on the mend. We too are headed for Lake Okeechobee. We're looking to stay at one of the campgrounds on the northern end of the lake. Maybe we can hook up for a bike ride around the lake? We'll be there sometime this afternoon (12/09). Hope to hear from you guys.


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