For all my new friends....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

When I asked mommy for my own blog, daddy laughed and said no one would read it except him and mommy. WRONG!!! I've made so many new friends here. I just wanted to say hi and thank you to them.

Skittlez and Scooter are those funny little "hot dog" dogs. I can't wait to meet them and play with them. I know I'll need to be careful with their short little legs but I know they'll run right under me cause I'll be all grown up when I do meet them.

Melanie, Phoebe and Miss Muggles belong to a cousin of my mommy. I'll be meeting them this winter. I think Melanie is a cat and Phoebe and Miss Muggles are cute little white Pomeranians. The should be fun to play with....I really like kitties.

Misty lives in Texas with her mommy. She is a poodle...I've never seen one of them so that should be fun. I think she has a kitty, too, but not sure. Misty was rescued...that is a GOOD thing. I hope everyone will think about rescuing their next friend. Misty and her mommy foster cats and dogs. Right now they have Paco, a Chihuahua, and 2 kitties. Isn't that the best!

Harley and Amie live with my mommy's daughter in Colorado (brrrrrr, it's COLD there). Harley is a Rat Terrier and Amie is a cat. I'll see them some time next year when we travel to the west...where I've never been. Mommy and daddy love the west they say.

Maddie and Molly are little Yorkies....I know I will have fun with them. Mommy has had Yorkies before and know how friendly and fun loving they are. I thought I'd meet them before we headed south but guess it will have to wait till next summer. They won't be any bigger then but I will! LOL!

Max and Shatzie live in Georgia. We were supposed to meet them this week but then my daddy got sick (I think he just ate too much turkey). But they think they will be coming to Florida this winter so I'll meet them then! They're "hot dog" dogs, too...I wonder if they know Skittlez and Scooter?

Pepper Anne is a friend of mommy's. They met when Pepper Anne's dog, Surely Not, was alive. I saw a picture of Surely...I would have liked to meet her. I think she had a lot of stories to tell me.

Remi is a Havanese...I think that's a dog...kind of looks like a rag mop. I think we'd have fun running around together. I don't know where she lives (I think she's a she, but could be a he...LOL!). Remi is going to be a motorcycle riding dog, too!!

Angel wants to be a motorcycle mama but her mommy and daddy haven't figured out a way to carry her. I hope they's AWESOME!!!

Kathleen is a another friend of mommy's. I don't know if she's ever had a dog but I think she needs one for her NEW life!

Bailey and Neal live in an RV, too. They are rescued Scotty dogs...mommy and daddy are Scotties so I know I would like Bailey and Neal! I know I would like Dale and Terry cause they rescued Baily and Neal.

Trip and Baxter don't write too often, I think they're too busy playing. They have a kitty in the house, too. Trip looks like a long-haired Chihuahua and Baxter looks like me, a Boxer mix. I don't know when I will meet them but I know we'll have FUN!.

Fred is a Beagle, at least I think he is. He's a funny dog and his daddy is a retired firefighter, too! We'll meet once everyone figures out here they're going to be when!

Katie is a little Chihuahua but I'll bet she will be the boss when we meet! They like to be the boss...and I bet I'll let her. LOL! She travels with her mommy in an RV, too. She knows how great a life it is...hmmm, wonder if her walls move?

Koko was one of my first friends (I think Misty was the very first). I'm trying to figure how what kind of dog Misty is...maybe a poodle or poodle mix? She's an RV dog. too. Isn't it fun to find out how many of us live in RVs?

I hope everyone keeps reading and tells their friends...that way I make MORE friends!! I can't wait to meet you all....wanna play?

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Hi Sadie,
    Yes your mommy is right...I do need a new animal friend in my new life...but I already have two kitties, Ginny and Smokey. So when I get to my new house, I will look at a new small doggie to play with them. Ginny doesn't go out much, but Smokey was gone 5 days a while back since I moved in with my son for a while. He was really hungry when he came back and hasn't wanted to go out much since!!

    I so look forward to meeting you, Sadie!!

  2. Hi Sadie,
    Thanks for the mention in your blog.

    Yes, I am a real black 15 year old Miniature (mid-size) Poodle. I think your Mom has a picture of me, but if not, here I am:

    Wow! Wow! You do have a lot of friends, isn't that great! You will get to play with them all somewhere down the road, I hope.

    My Mom used to RV fulltime, but she is old like me, and had to come off the road, she just fixes RVs now. So we live in what was her little Winter house on Lake Conroe, fulltime. We still have a little MH.

    But I know all about living in an RV as my late Dad and I lived in one, before he unexpectedly died.
    My new Mom used to groom me for my Dad, and she got me away from the terrible place where I was for nearly 4 years. She got me all better, and I feel so good now. Even though I can hardly see, I can hear when she tells me "Down" and "Up" when we get to steps at new places.

    The Chihuahua foster dog, Paco, is getting to be a pain. He is about a quarter my size, and keeps on getting in my bed. His bed is much smaller, and I don't fit in it. I go bark and tell Mom, and she makes him get in his own bed. MEN!! (She also tells me that I am big enough to push him out of the way myself, but I like the personal attention, we K9's like to have that)

    These felines here, try to vie for Mom's attention, too. They are pretty understanding and don't get upset when I bump into them. I ignore them, and they couldn't care less about me, you know how cats are. Aloof critters!

    I am so glad that you have so many friends, but beware of the Dachshunds, they can be rather bossy!

    Happy Tails, Misty, TX


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