Too much sleep?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Can you ever have too much sleep? Well, if you are stuck riding in the big white truck for two days you can. Jeesh...I am SO glad to be at our new home. I get to sleep in my BIG crate. Yes, I've been good at night and mommy said I could sleep in it. I paid them back...I now sleep till 8am.

Before we left Atlanta, mommy and daddy had dinner with mommy's daughter at a Cracker Barrel. Anyone who reads THEIR blog, knows how much they love that place. I'm not sure why cause they never bring me anything to eat.

But this time they brought me a least I THINK it's a toy... It goes round and round and round and there is this funny little furry thing inside. I'm not quite sure how to play with it so I barked at it....a LOT!

I like it when I get to look out the windows of the truck...I'm big now so I can see! I'm big enough that mommy doesn't have to tip over my bucket of toys anymore. I can pull my own stuff out! I'm wearing my new pink leather collar and my pink harness with little reflective bones on it. Mommy told daddy to put my old harness back on thought, the new one is still a bit too big.

The new park is very different from where we were back in TN. I think I'll like it but the roads are hard instead of dirt. Mommy says that will help my toenails so daddy doesn't have to clip them so often. That's okay with me!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. I want one of those things that go around and around. Skittlez would just be afraid of it.


  2. Sadie, you are just precious! You're a lucky little dog to be able to travel all over the countryside.


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