Can we go back to Key West?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wow, what a great time I had...I still love riding on the motorcycle but not so much when that wet stuff is coming down from the sky. We rode all day to get to Key West and it was wet most of the way. Sigh....but I still had fun.

Then we got to our! I loved it....LOTS of room for me to run around. Mommy and daddy brought a new crate for me. I didn't like that so much...but I did sleep while they went out to dinner with friends.

The next day they took me with them....oh my! Key West is a fun place to be...and they LOVE dogs! I got petted so many times. I also got to meet a bunch of doggie friends. Pudge was the first one...betcha can't guess why he's named Pudge.

There was also this HUGE dog, I forgot his name but I shared my Beggin' Strips with him. The ladies from Martgueritaville gave them to me. I got to go inside the Harley-Davidson store and the people working there petted me, too!

We walked and walked and walk....oh my, then I saw these funny birds running around. I REALLY wanted to catch one but they were too fast for me.

We stopped in a store that had these little TEENY dogs in the window...they barked a LOT. I don't think they liked me much...but that's okay. I don't know them either.

Then it was lunch time and we went to Hog's Breath Saloon. They let me come inside with mommy and daddy. Really nice place and all the food smells....YUM! I got a bite of hot dog (mommy had to tell me it wasn't really a dog that got cooked...I was scared at first).

Then we walked some more and met more people and walked some more and met more people and their dogs...

We saw this dog all dressed up for Christmas...if it wasn't so warm, I'd wear MY Christmas sweater! He had good manners but his owner kept him close. No barking or growling...he just stared at me and let me sniff his nose.

When we got back to the room, daddy and I took a nap. Next mommy and daddy put me in my crate and left for dinner. They were going on a sunset sail ride. I don't know what that is but they were excited.

Then it was morning and we did the same thing....walked, visited stores, got petted....repeat all day long. This time we got to eat at Cheeseburger - Key West. At Hog's Breath I got a cup of water. Here I got my own bowl...and everyone kept coming over and loving me. I was really happy! I was also glad the pigeons stayed on the other side of the restaurant.

Then it was more walking...we went to some place called Mallory Square to watch the sun go down. Only there were two really big boats in the way. We watched a guy throw sticks and knives around in the air and then mommy bought me the neatest harness from a cart. It has a skull and crossbones on it!

We tried to find the sunset but there were some really nasty dogs and we turned around. But they followed us and we found them later on the main street. Yesterday all the dogs were my friends, today they all seemed to bark at me. Jeesh! What's up with that? I was tired and daddy carried me for a was fun!

Finally it was time to go...we had a gorgeous sunny day for our ride home. Now I'm beat...think I'll nap for a couple of days. LOL! Oh, if you want to see more photos of Key West and don't read my parents' blog, check here: Visiting Key West

Sniffing and lickingly yours,

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  1. Oh, what a time you had, Sadie.
    You rode on the back of a motor bike in the rain, I wouldn't like that.
    But lolling on the hotel bed, that made up for it.
    HOT D O G, that does sound scary!
    Happy Tails, Misty, TX


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