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Saturday, December 11, 2010

I woke up and that bright yellow ball was in the sky....and I wasn't wearing my coat and I wasn't shivering! I love waking up that way.... Mommy slept late and I took a nap in daddy's lap. I think he was napping, too!

Then daddy made LOTS of noise out in the garage. I like that's MOTORCYCLES! I love riding on daddy's motorcycle and I hoped I would get to ride today.

And guess what...I DID!! Mommy wanted to get her hair cut (I don't know why, I never need to and daddy doesn't either). We rode for a while and found a store where she could get it cut. They called it Wal-Mart. Daddy took me for a long walk around the store and then we sat and relaxed.

When mommy came out two ladies from Wal-Mart came over and talked baby talk to me and told me how cute I was. Gee, as if I don't already know that. But they petted me and I always like that.

He gave me some treats and mommy took a picture of me chewing. I growled at the stupid camera. She takes too many pictures!

Then we rode away.....and went to.....are you ready.....THE BIG RED AND YELLOW BUILDING!! Mommy and daddy went inside but I could see them in the window. A couple of men came by and pointed at daddy's motorcycle. They talked to me while looking but they didn't come too close.

Then the guy in the car beside me came out and took a lot of pictures of me. He even took one of his car window where he could see me. He was funny!

Finally mommy came out and I got ICE CREAM!!!! It was a little melted so I could lap it up easily. But that meant I got it all over my chin, lips and muzzle....and mommy's hands. She laughed at me and wiped my mouth a piece of paper.

Then we came home and all sat outside in the sun. I had a really great day!!!! Now it's time for a nap......zzzzzzzzz

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Oh Sadie, you are so darned cute! Been following your Mom's blog for some time, but have never commented. You guys have the most FUN lifestyle! We hope to be doing just that someday too!

  2. Sadie you are such a cutie!

    Your mommy & daddy are lucky people to have you in their life.

  3. Ice cream??? Now I have to figure out how to convince my Mom and Dad that we need to go to that red and yellow building in the truck. You really look cool, riding on the bike like that. I don't think I'd be brave enough.

    Skittlez - (Scooter is still in bed)

  4. Iggy here. Yesterday it was so cold here in Maine I almost froze my joy stick off! Pops said it was -2° F. and he should know as he is always checking the weather on the computer. Me, I just went out, did my thing and watched my pee freeze in mid-air. ARF out loud. I discovered the true meaning of "fudge-cicles" and it isn't fun.

    This morning (late night, I think Pops said it was 4AM) we went out for a brief relief trip & inspection tour and I smelled something very wrong. It smelled wild and bloody and like a dog but not. I started growling as I stood still, testing and snuffling the air for all I could. I am not sure, but it wasn't another fox. But it smelled sort of like one. I think Pops said it was a coyote as he came up to me. All I know is he ordered me to stay and I stayed! Pops pulled out his gun, but he didn't fire. After like forever, he released me and I marked eveything in sight, growling a warning to any interloper to stay the *()&% out of my backyard. In the distance I heard someone laughing at me. AT ME!

    I sure do miss Willow. These coyotes didn't come close to the house when she was alive. Did she ever tell you how she killed one with just a single shake? Broke his neck, she did. Those coyotes had a mite more respect for a 135 pound mastiff than they do for my 25 pound Schipperke butterball butt.

    I sure wish I was down in Florida with you, Sadie. It is so cold here. It was 34°F. inside our aluminum tube we live in yesterday morning and the heater was going (on low for overnight). I came out from under the sleeping bag with Pops and would have frozen my tail off (if I had a tail) but for the electric heaters that Pops turned on after we got up.

    Well, time to go. There's the kitten, Miss Jingle Belle, trying to eat my kibble again. She needs to learn some manners (although, I HAVE been eating HER food, lately.) And I have a Nylabone that's calling my name...

    Don't forget, take time to paws and reflect.

  5. Sadie, if you try real hard and stretch, I bet you could stick your tongue in Dad's ear while you're riding on the motorcycle. Then, you'll have a real exciting ride off the side of the road. On the other hand, maybe Dad is used to that when Mommy rides back there.


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