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Thursday, December 2, 2010

We'll be on our way to Georgia and then Florida by Friday...the cold, wet, windy weather has slowed us down. Why travel in bad weather if we don't have to? LOL!

I started following a great blog that I wanted to pass along, Daily Good. Today's blog is a good one for us travelers... Ultimate Guide to Thrift Store Shopping. I've already bookmarked the site, Ultimate Guide to Thrift Store Shopping: 34 Tips and Tricks for Travelers

Not sure what is up with Stu...he's actually finding Christmas movies for me to watch...LOL! I'm not complaining...I love watching schmaltzy movies this time of year. Then of course there is my annual favorite, The Christmas Story.

We plan to put out our Christmas decorations when we get settled into Sumter Oaks in Florida. We don't do a lot, especially outside but enough to make it feel Christmassy... Several inside decorations, some ornaments that hang in different spots, wooden reindeer, that kind of stuff. I still have my old Hallmark reindeer, similar to these, Rodney and Rhonda. Mine aren't plush, they have sandbag type legs and are floppy and I think they were named Ramona and  Rodney. Oh wait...I found a photo....mine are the two on the left!

We do have a big wreath that goes on the front of Freddie and we each have a stuffed animal that goes on our bikes. Stu has a little Dalmation with a wreath and I have a Kermit the Frog with a holiday stocking. I have a door hanger for outside and we'll put up our rope lights up. That's about it.

So what do you do for holiday decorations? We've seen rigs with huge displays and we have to wonder where they carry it all...and not just for one holiday but for several.

Not much else new...finishing up de-oozing our stuff for the move on Friday. Laundry done, stuff moved to the storage area, things put back where they belong...we should be ready to rock and roll!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. We have a tiny tree in our motorhome, but we don't go anywhere on Christmas, so we depend on the ever-enlarging stock of stuff her in our Benson, AZ park trailer and storage room.

  2. We have a small fiber optic tree for inside and two other small trees for outside. Stockings hung but not by the fire and a couple of other family type Christmas things. We have a boat that we leave in AZ so the Christmas stuff gets put in a tote and left in the boat.

  3. We do not do much at the coach, just some outside lights and a singing reindeer inside with a few Christmas.

    The last three years we have spent Christmas in the panhandle near our daughter, so we enjoy the holidays with them.

  4. We have a small Christmas tree that we put on the dash every year. I'm afraid the little "Soupy" cat will tear it down this year, I'll put it up and see.

  5. Are Stu's movies on Hallmark? I've been watching them too for some reason??

    Perhaps those peeps with lots of deco's have a storage area like "you know who"?

    I'm still here decorating the heck out of the sticks n' bricks...

  6. I checked out the Harvest Hosts, shown above your picture, and I like it. I don't usually go to wine tastings because I don't like to drink and drive. Being able to stay at a winery for 24 hours would enable me to check out the wine, have a free place to spend the night and then move onto the next winery. I can see that. Now all I have to do is decide which motorhome I want and get started. This is some great incentive!!

  7. This year we have two with our Christmas dishes, sweaters and small fiber optic tree, some stuffed animals and of course two strands of lights that go from the kitchen to the front and then back through to the dining area. We then brought along another tote full of outside lights and a giant snowman (you can check my blog for pictures of all this from Nov 23/24/25th) because we wanted to decorate the Christmas tree lot up. The totes were in the bathtub for travel but will go back into storage when we return to Blaine the middle of January for Ron's jury duty. Will have to think what we can carry with us if we get a job that we are in communications with that lasts a year - I do need some decorations, have Americana ones I would want to take along with us.

    Have you used Harvest Hosts? I have gone to their website and are thinking we might want to join them.

    Safe travels when you hit the road.

  8. Sounds like you are well into the Holliday spirit. We are going in a different direction, but maybe we will be close someday, so we can see your decorations. I don't do much. Make a little candy and do a little baking. We usually spend it with the kids in Colorado, but are skipping it all this year.

  9. Oh my God...I had Randy and Rhonda from Hallmark..bought them about 15 years ago...They are now residing at one of our kids homes....Thanks for the memories..

  10. Well, this year I bought myself a beautiful pink Christmas can see a photo on my blog for those that are interested. I love it and of course my Pink Flamingo is ever present out side our fiver....maybe I can get her a Christmas scarf....


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