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Friday, December 17, 2010

Today we caught up on chores and housekeeping. Oops, guess I should have started out with...

Today is Stu's 60th birthday! Happy Birthday, baby. I love you! Okay...back to what I was saying...LOL!

Got our bags packed and our bikes loaded up with necessities so in the morning all we have to do is load the bikes and head to Key West. Oh, yes....and get dressed. LOL!

Yesterday we headed over to Ft Myers where I got my 1k service done at Harley-Davidson of Ft Myers. We were both impressed with the dealership, the service, the professionalism and the friendliness of the staff. Stu already made an appointment for the 23rd to take his bike in to get an oil leak checked out.

When we arrived, Stu parked and took Sadie for a walk while I got my bike checked in. They then walked over and into the service area. No less than two employees immediately came over and loved on her. Then Stu and Sadie went on to run errands while I browsed the store and waited for my bike.

They headed out to Sam's Club for some strawberries and blueberries as well as PETCO and PetSmart to look at folding portable crates for our trip to Key West and later for other hotel adventures.

They got back maybe 20 minutes before my bike was finished. The dealer has a large waiting area with free coffee, soda and snacks and the area has a hard surface (not carpeted). Stu brought Sadie in and sat down with me. Again, she was inundated with employees and customers fawning all over her. She was petted, kissed, hugged and served several treats. Nice!

Once my bike was ready we headed back over to PetSmart to look at the folding crates and to wait for Sadie's 3:30 shot appointment. We found a crate that we thought would work and picked up a few toys as well (Sadie will tell you all about that....).

Then we waited for her appointment for her last distemper shot, her first of another Lepto something, and her rabies shot. We finally go out around 4:30 and headed back to Moore Haven. When we got off I-75 onto US 80, I spotted a Cracker Barrel. Knowing how tired Sadie was and adding in the drowsiness from her shots, we knew she'd sleep while we ate.

Back home around 6:30, later than we would have liked but all our errands DONE!

Back to today...as I said, it was chore day. I did laundry, packed my bike and my bag, cleaned and Stu cleaned his bike, packed it and his bag. All we have to do is load up our bags and the crate and we are set to go!

Unfortunately something is in the air today...it was warm enough to run the A/C. My nose has been running all day and Stu got a bad headache after dinner. He headed to bed at 9:00 and I'm sitting here blogging and watching WALL-E.

Again, no computers on our trip but will try to at least email a few photos from our phones...maybe. Otherwise....c ya on Wednesday!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Happy Birthday to Stu! Have a great trip.

  2. Have a fun trip. And talk to you when you get back.

  3. OMG Stu is 60!!! ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Hope you're feeling better tomorrow!

  4. Happy Birthday Stu. Have a great trip and looking forward to your posts when you get back.

  5. Happy Birthday Stu.

    Luv Ya

    Art & Irene

  6. Happy Birthday Stu.....have a SAFE trip and LOTS OF FUN in the Keys!

  7. Happy Birthday, Stu. Enjoy your special day! Safe travels.

  8. Happy Birthday Stu and ya'll have a great trip to the Keys!

  9. Happy Birthday, Stu! I hope you have good weather for your trip. :)

  10. You are NOT coming down with something that will delay your trip. You're just having a reaction to Stu's birthday. :) I hope you have a good one.

  11. Happy Birthday Stu. Hope you two have a great trip. Stay safe.

  12. Is EVERYONE younger we are?? Happy 60th Stu...Just remember that 60 is the new 40! Have a great time in the Keys...Have some oysters for us!@!

  13. Happy birthday Stu. Wishing you both a great ride.


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