What's a baby joey?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mommy and daddy say I sleep like a baby joey?

I don't know what that is...do you? Strange parents I have.... ;-)

Soon I'm going to be too big for my crate in the big white truck. Mommy and daddy got me my OWN ZIP-LINE....I'm so excited!! I can see it now...me zooming through the trees, my ears flying in the breeze... What did you say? That's not the kind of zip-line it is? Sigh....

Seriously, it will hook to my harness and give me room to enjoy the back seat in the truck. I'll have MUCH more room than in my crate and I'll be able to see out of the side windows. I've gotta start eating more so I can use it sooner!!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. I used to be that flexible but not anymore. Skittlez is pretty good about bending but my older body doesn't want to cooperate so good. But boy you should see me when I hunt rabbits.


  2. My Mom makes me wear a doggie padded seat belt harness, so all I can do is sit up or lay down on the seat. But I can still see out of the window, too.

    A Zip-Line sounds like a great thing for a youngster like you.

    Happy Woofs, Misty.


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