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Friday, December 10, 2010

We woke to rain yesterday...hard pouring rain with wind that finally slowed down to just rain. It was afternoon before we finally started to see a little blue sky. We all slept in till after 8am...nice!

After breakfast, Stu dug out the solar information and found what he needed to call Xantrex about the error code on our inverter. They had him disconnect from the batteries and leave it that way for at least 15 minutes, then reconnect and see if the error code was gone. Okay, easy to do....done....looking error....never mind, the error code came back.

Another phone call and we get an RMA to send it back to Elkhart for diagnosis. Well, with the rain we figured that was going to wait till today but as the afternoon cleared, he tackled the project.

He got it out, typed up all the necessary information while I researched the closest package store. Turned out to be in neighboring LaBelle, about 30 minutes away. They were open till 6:30 so we bundled the three of us into the truck and headed west.

The sun had just set and thanks to the rain and lingering clouds [edited from: crowds], the sky was gorgeous. My phone camera doesn't begin to do it justice!

We didn't see much of the town but at night it's quite Christmas feeling. I snapped a couple of shots of the Town Hall but the County Courthouse was decorated as well.

The inverter was packed in less then 5 minutes and on it's way to Elkhart via UPS Ground, to the tune of $81, in less than 10 minutes. The owner was VERY personable and we asked him about a good place to eat. He recommended the Log Cabin across the street, said they had the best burgers in town as well as good BBQ.

He was right...nice family run, small town atmosphere. Excellent service and the food was good. We'll be back again I suspect.

We headed to bed around midnight. Sadie and Stu slept till just after eight but I slept till ten. The damp, chilly weather has set my arthritis zinging and that causes my Fibromyalgia to kick in. I've been taking Aleve every night, just to sleep. Hoping the warmer, sunny weather and some nice motorcycle riding will help that!

Today we will unload the motorcycles, lounge chairs, bicycles, Christmas decorations and get set up. I suspect a short motorcycle ride will be in order, just to clear out the cobwebs. Tomorrow we are meeting RV riding friends, JC and Bev, for a ride around Lake Okeechobee.

Sadie is breaking in her new coat...the old one, cuter and just too small now. She is growing fast!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Hey, guys. Glad to see you finally made it to warmer weather (slightly, anyway).

    Sadie is just beautiful. Looks like she's all legs.

    Will miss seeing you in Yuma. Greg says Stu just wants to get out helping park RV's in the rain, sleet, and hail.

    Jan and Greg

  2. Funny, I missed the lingering crowds in your pics! :)

  3. Nice road picture the clouds...Glad you got the inverter sent off....$81.00 would have made me lose my you get reimbursed for that/??? Love Sadie's new coat..I want one just like it...

  4. Love the sunset, and the Christmas scenes.

  5. Great Photos!! :-)

    I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)


  6. It's nice to se the Christmas lights around the country via the bloggers! Nice sunset too.

  7. I just read your "About" story. One of my favorite things is to find romance in people's lives. Just love that! I am soooooo happy for you both.


  8. YUP, welcome to cold, damp Florida, does a number on your joints for sure. I take Stinging Nettle, recommended by my doctor, as an all natural anti-inflamitory and it really helps once you get it into your system.

    You will enjoy your ride around Lake Ok! Hope to see some pictures from your bike ride.

    Enjoy the warmer weather this weekend as its back to cold on Monday :-( too cold too early here in FLorida this winter, hope it warms up SOON!

    Great pictures!


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