Weekend catch-up

Monday, March 21, 2011

Saturday Stu continued working on our black & grey tank repairs. He's building an access panel in the underbelly to allow him to reach them without removing the whole belly pan. I did my usual blog, email, Facebook stuff.

Around 7 pm we jumped on the trike, I prefer to not drive at night, and headed over to the club house for the Fiasco Bros MC. Both my brothers are members and my late husband was as well. We chatted with the members, most of whom I've known for close to 15 years.

A friend stopped by to show off his Rat Rod....Stu was enthralled. Note the details like the hood ornaments and door hinges. Really neat little car.

We all mounted up and headed south to Ft Pierce and the club house of the Wings of Gold MC. We spent an hour or so and then headed back to Vero for a late dinner at Five Guys. YUMMY!!! We're never disappointed and never go away hungry.

Sunday was brunch with two of my cousins, the only relatives I have on my mother's side. There are five of them and three of them are currently living in this area, two made it to the brunch. We went to a pet friendly restaurant, The Greenhouse Cafe, and ate on the patio. Great food and wonderful service....Sadie was pretty good, too.

My cousin Joy

My cousin Jenn

We spent close to two hours chatting and enjoying the company, then it was time to go. Jenn had a hair appointment but Joy had invited us to follow her home where she'd pick up her three puppies and we'd go to the dog park around the corner from her house in Sebastian.

So that's what we did! Sadie liked her three dogs but they weren't all that sure. The largest was a rescue and still very timid. Of the two little ones, one wanted to play but Sadie was a bit big for her and the other just thought he owned everyone and everything and won't let her get close enough to play. LOL!

They went into the small dog enclosure and we went into the large. We kept Sadie on the leash until she met the three dogs already there...two elderly Golden Retrievers and an Australian Cattle Dog mix. Everyone was fine so we let her off leash. After a couple of lopes with one of the Goldens, things settled down. Soon another dog arrived and they raced around for a good 15-20 minutes, then rolled in the dirt and sand, then raced some more. LOL! I forgot my camera out in my saddlebag and since I was chatting with the others in the park, didn't bother to go get it..so no photos.

We knew Sadie would need a bath (I don't think she blogged about that part of the day) when we got home but it was so nice out, we sat outside and read for a bit before moving inside. A quick bath left a soft and sweet smelling puppy who was exhausted. Her blog tomorrow will have all the photos.

Today Stu is continuing on the underbelly adaptation and hopes to be done. I'm putting some stuff up on eBay, mailing out some that already sold, doing laundry and blogging. The usual...will then head outside to read for a while.

We hope to meet up with all our relatives at least once more before we leave the area...always tough because of work schedules (theirs). LOL! Next weekend we will ride down to Ft Lauderdale to meet up with Stu's stepdaughter and her family...always a good time. Sadie is excited to meet their Weimaraner, Spirit.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Your Sadie just sounds like the sweetest dog and she is an excellent blooger to boot!! Glad you all had a nice day.

  2. You guys stay so busy it makes my head spin, but sounds like you really have good times. Stay safe.

  3. Looks like you had a great time, nice pictures:)


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