I've got the Spirit.....

Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm back!!! I had SOOOO much fun this weekend. I got TWO long motorcycle rides and in between I got to play with my new friend, Spirit. He's a ghost dog....honest!

He's bigger and older than me but we played really good.

Daddy kept waiting for me to fall into the big puddle of water...but I was too smart for that. So there! Oh, thank you Spirit for showing me the way around it! [snicker]

His mommy and daddy liked me, too. His mommy even let me up on the sofa...I like their sofa, it's soft and squishy.

Then we got tired and both had to rest a while.

Then we left and went to a hotel where I, GULP, had to go into a room that moved. Yup! It wasn't like when mommy makes the walls move and we take our RV to a new spot. Nope, this time the WHOLE ROOM MOVED! I'm not sure I liked that...but I did it several times. Maybe it's like those musment parks that people talk about. It sure didn't muse me!

I started sleeping on the floor but daddy let me sleep on the bed all night (I never get to do that at home) since it was a GIANT bed.

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Sadie, I just love looking at your pictures and reading your thoughts on life. You are quite the girl!

  2. What a handsome new friend you have! I have never been in one of those moving rooms, and don't think I would like it either! I would like to see a pic of you in your helmet sometime, OK? Love, Billy


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