Another fun evening with family & friends....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

First, before I forget....and that happens all the time....hmmm, what was I saying? Oh yeah, first, before I forget....I made some changes to the blog looks. I started this blog before there was a fancy-schmancy template designer at Blogger. Worked fine but there were limitations. So I finally stepped up and upgraded it. The changes are minor, I think, but let me made the gadget sidebar wider. That allows the widget for our location to work better.

Okay, back to FUN! Last night we went out to dinner at BrewGrrs! in Vero Beach. What a neat place. We hadn't done any beer sampling in a while. BrewGrrs! isn't a micro-brew but they do offer Beer Flights which is a sample of any four beers from a wide selection.

Val had already ordered hers and was discussing the selection with Marie who opted for a more standard brew.

We ordered ours and found one that we liked and decided to get more of the Brooklyn Brown.

Turns out they had another that was recommended by our server, similar tasting but in a bottle with enough for two. So we ordered the Brooklyn Local 1 (actually, we ordered Brooklyn Local 2 but it had been on special the night before and they were sold out).

We enjoyed it and kept the bottle...and the cork...yup, it had a cork pop-top!

Next came the food and it was delicious. While they specialize in burgers, which four of us got in various combinations, Stu had the fish taco and said it was delicious! We were all hungry so I forgot to get a photo but take my word for it...looked and tasted GOOD!

From there we said goodnight to Val and her hubby and we headed off to V B Sports Grille where Kendall and Marie could get some rum and Coke. Stu and I settled for a Yuengling, always a good fallback beer for us.

We sat and chatted some more and then it was Karaoke time. The first one we liked the singer but not the song. The second one we liked both. The third was a no go on either and since Kendall had to go to work today, we headed home.

Another fun evening, perfect top off for a day where Stu worked on replacing our flush valves, which required removing the underbelly pan and insulation. Today he'll put it all back together with new valves that he modified to have grease fittings to hopefully make them last longer.

Tonight we will ride with family and friends to a gathering of motorcyclists down in Ft Pierce. I'll be a passenger, opting out of night riding.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Well you said you liked your I believe you! Looks like you guys had a fun eveniing!

  2. I love the new look! it's great. And looks like you had a great time sampling the beer. Jim likes Yuengling--he discovered it when we were working in Gettysburg a few years ago.

  3. We decided to stop in and visit -- haven't been here for a while. Sounds like you had a "beery" good time of it!

  4. Looks good, Donna, although the shifts are subtle, as you said. I have the states widget, but not sure where to find the one that has Alaska and Canada in it as well. Will need that one after June this year! Looks like a great time with family and friends for you.


  6. Sue, here is the link to get the full map of the US.

  7. Like the new look of the blog. Looks like a good time was had by all. Stay safe.

  8. Glad to see ya don't look two much worse fer the ware after that beer fight you was in. Think I.M. a gonna enjoy readin' yer blog with posts like this.

  9. I wanna hang out with you guys! Need any more family members?

  10. Like the photos in your blog. Makes me want to resign from my job and work. x

  11. The blog looks great and so does the beer...LOL! I did hear the other day that "blogger" is about to make some more changes to the interface....just when I know where everything is and how it changes!!


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