They're everywhere....they're EVERYWHERE!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I am SO liking this Bike Week thing that mommy and daddy took me to...there are people and motorcycles EVERYWHERE! I had SOOO much fun...we walked and walked and walked.

I got LOTS of attention. Did you know I'm cute, adorable, precious, funny and I forget what else...[snicker] And all I have to do is just LOOK at people.

When we waited for mommy to get braided, I sat on daddy's motorcycle and got lots MORE attention. I think there were maybe a thousand pictures taken of me today. Some people came by more than once to pet me.

Daddy said we should have charged for the pictures....mommy said she could have sold a bunch of Saddleman Back Seat bags. [snicker]

I love the attention but boy, does it ever make you tired....some lady said I didn't look happy. Mommy told her I'm part boxer and my wrinkles always make me look worried. Most people knew I was happy and love riding the motorcycle.

I can't wait to go back!!!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. I can just see a glimpse of your new shirt, COOL What a biker pup you are!!!! Do you wish you had ear protection sometimes from all the bike noise? I sure would need it. Keep having fun! Licky kisses, Billy

  2. You are my new biker hound hero-and you're cute too! Love your pix..... Kozmo

  3. Hey Sadie, Cool shirt!
    When you grow out of that Saddleman bag, maybe your folks will get you your own motorbike!
    Or maybe you will grow so much that they will have to get you a side car.
    So glad you are having such a good time around all those motor cycles. Like Billy, I don't think my old ears could take it.
    Happy Tails, woofingly your friend, Misty.


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