Nice evening with family....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

We had a really quiet day today...I caught up on some computer stuff as did Stu and we watched a little TV. Sadie went for a bicycle ride and then we headed out to dinner with family. A great evening spent with both my brothers, their wives, one niece with her fiance and their 3 month old son. Good food, good drinks, good conversation....lots of love!

My middle brother, Chas and his wife, Alicia

Their oldest daughter, Tylyn and her fiance, Jeff

Tylyn and Jeff's son, Jaelin

The baby of the family, Kendall and his wife, Marie

Still have to see one more niece, one grand-niece and several cousins plus Stu's stepdaughter and her family in Ft Lauderdale. Phew!!

Tomorrow we plan to take Sadie to the dog park...wear her out! Then tomorrow night is beer night with Kendall and Marie...checking out a local spot with a lot of beer selection...and they don't drink beer (but Stu and I do). Should be a fun evening...

Saturday we'll go riding and attend a local motorcycle group's open house and on Sunday we'll have breakfast and lunch with various members of the much for dieting this week!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. What a great family you have...That is worth everything, no?..Have a beer for McGuyver at the pub...and a wine for me...Wish we could be there....Travel safe.

  2. You have a wonderful family, isn't life great?


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