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Monday, March 7, 2011

We're in Daytona for Bike Week and today was our first day out. We opted to ride to the Daytona Harley dealer where we knew there were a lot of vendors. We spent the whole day there, exhausting ourselves and Sadie.

The main reason we planned on visiting there was for me to try out a Mustang solo seat. They didn't have the studded seat in stock but I got to try out the non-studded version. Nope, not going to work...puts me up much higher and is wider. Guess I will continue to ride and condition my butt to the stock seat. LOL!

I did splurge and get a little bling for Gypsy though...on both my HD Low Rider and HD Softail Deluxe, I had Kuryakyn trigger levers covered with braiding done by Iron Braid. I wanted the same for the SuperLow but Kuryakyn hasn't made the trigger levers for the newer Sportsters.

Low Rider - black and silver braid
Softail Deluxe - black and white braid

We came to the Iron Braid tent at Daytona Harley and I decided to get chrome levers with white and Aztec Brown leather braiding. Long story short...after close to three hours, it was determined that the stock levers will not work on the 2011 SuperLow. For whatever reason there is a minute difference in where the brake light button hits and it wouldn't work. Sigh...

So I ended up with the braiding I wanted but on my current, stock levers. Oh well...I love the way they look! And I've learned that fringe moving on your bike (or you) helps make you more visible...and that is a good thing!

Ride safe,
Stu and Donna


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