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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yesterday ended up being a combination chore/relax day. Stu started out working on cleaning up and organizing the man cave (garage). Around eleven I hopped on my motorcycle and headed out to get a haircut.

Came back and we grabbed some lunch. Stu took a short nap and then he hopped on his motorcycle and headed out to run his errands. He needed to go to the Post Office, then on to an RV Supply store and finally on to Sam's Club for a few things, also stopping at Home Depot and a West Marine. He ended up finding everything he was looking for...only one thing didn't work. Another trip to the RV Supply store....

Today he worked on the Freightliner lights, continuing to look for a solution to an intermittent light issue we've had for several months. Sadie was in rare around like an idiot. LOL!

Later we headed out to a movie to see "Battle: Los Angeles". Talk about intense...kept us on the edge of our seats the entire time. Phew!!!

When we came out we found an unusual sight. Not that Sandhill Cranes are that unusual here in Florida, but we saw a family! Here are a few photos....unfortunately taken with our cell phones and from a respectful distance. Remember to click to see a larger image.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. How cool is that? With the little wee one! By the way, the Freightliner is awesome.

  2. I totally missed that baby crane until I saw Deborah comment. Cool!

  3. I love to watch the baby Sand Cranes and how well their parents take care of them.

  4. Paul loves those type of movies. I usually have my hands in front of my eyes most of the time. That type of movie makes me a nervous wreck!

  5. Seeing the Sandhill crane family, icing on the cake after a nice day.

  6. Still great pics of the cranes, even with your phone.

  7. That was really neat to see that Crane family...The little guy has a long ways to grow!!! Loved the pics!

  8. Love the crane pictures. So sweet.

  9. WOW those cranes are so big and the baby so small. Nice pics.

    Kevin and Ruth


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