I'm not spoiled....am I?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Yesterday I slept a lot...mommy and daddy left me in the back room while they went to a movie (I could smell the popcorn on them when they came home). But it was okay since I was really, REALLY tired from all the walking.

Today we went out early and it was cold. I had to wear my fleece coat to stay warm. We did lots of walking and I got some of daddy's Italian Sausage and mommy's hot dog. YUM!

I met way more dogs today though...one really nice pit bull named Cinnamon. She was almost the same color as me but her eyes were reddish brown and really pretty. I'm almost as tall as her but she weighed a lot more. Guess I still need to grow some...

Again, I got petted lots and lots. I got lots of love from people again...there was one really nice family where all the girls just HAD to pet me. I'm sure going to miss all this attention!!


Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Not spoiled. We're loved. That's a big difference.


  2. I loves your fleese coat! And yes, we are very much loved! Licky kisses, Billy


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