Can this be our forever home?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yesterday we went riding in the afternoon...I saw lots of motorcycles and people taking my picture. Today we went out early and to a place called the Speeding Way in Daytona. I don't know why they call it that...we didn't do any speeding, just a lot of walking. I think it should be called the Walking Way!

Mommy took LOTS of pictures, especially of motorcycles. There were lots of ones with three wheels like daddy's and my bike. I still like ours the best!

Everyone wanted to stop and pet me...but the bestest was the man who let me lick his PIZZA. I've never had pizza before. It was chewy and I just spit that out, after I licked off all the good stuff.

I think we walked for 4-5 feet were tired.

Then we went to the big red and yellow building where I got some.....ICE CREAM. Oh yeah....that was about the best part of the day!

Then we came home....mommy and daddy sat outside reading and I laid in the sun. We came inside for dinner and now I'm taking a nap. (Daddy says I'm not being a lady...why would I want to be a lady? I'm a puppy!!!!)

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Well Sadie, looks like you got your exercise today! Enjoy your nap.

  2. You are really not being a lady in that pic! Your showing all your wares, as my Mom would say. BOL! But, I do that a lot too. Sure sounded like a fun day though! Licky kisses.


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