Another day and things they are a changin'

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just a short blog to keep everyone updated. We had planned to leave tomorrow morning, moving over to Crystal Lake RV Park in Mims, FL for Daytona Bike Week. As we posted yesterday, there are some pretty bad brush fires in Volusia and Brevard Counties.

Even though yesterday we were told that it would be okay to move over on Thursday, based upon the news footage we decided to wait an additional two days. That will hopefully allow time to get the fires under better control and maybe let some of the smoke in the area dissipate.

So we extended here another two days, shifted our Mims reservation out two days and we will now leave on Saturday. Tomorrow morning I'll call the campground in Vero Beach and shift those reservations out two days as well.

We got a lot done today in preparation for moving before we made the decision to delay. Once that decision was made, Stu opted for a nice afternoon nap. LOL! We still have more to do but now will do it over the next two days and not be so rushed.

As to the tax issue, it all stemmed from Stu's mother's death and incorrect reporting to the IRS. We're just glad it all worked out...and yes, my blood pressure was WAY up yesterday. Much better once we talked to our accountant and got things squared away.

For anyone interested, I'm doing a 31 day Photo and Prompt Challenge over on my Hopping through life... blog. FabGrandma got me started...gotta blame it on someone. LOL!

Tomorrow we will enjoy breakfast out, mail off our inverter to Xantrex, mail our 2010 tax stuff to our accountant and do a little riding, maybe taking Sadie up to the dog park. We also need to pick up dog food before we move on Saturday.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Hope the fires and smoke are gone when you arrive. Haven't been following the news. We are heading to Bee's for Friday night fish. We usually arrive around 4:30. Sure would like to meet Sadie if you happen to be around on Friday. Wouldn't stay but a minute - know you would be busy getting ready to head east. Got your email about Annie being a Friday Pet soon - thank you - I'm sure she will feel like a celebrity. Hope I sent you Buddy's photos and info a couple of months ago.

  2. I can understand your shock when you received the IRS notice. A few years ago we got a 12 page notice also. On 11 pages in BOLD print it stated we owed about $1,700. and were accuring fines. On the very back page last paragraph it said in small print, the problem might be because we failed to send in a form regarding our cashing in an investment. Yup, we owed NOTHING. The investment was post tax and I did neglect to send the form.

    11 pages of threats in BOLD and a small notice at the end of the letter, hardly visible. Bets lots of people would have been scared and would have sent in the money.

    GEESH! My blood pressure was up for a while too!

  3. Those darn fires can really be a pain... hope they get them under control for you guys. Sure gald you got all the tax stuff cleared up too!!!
    Have fun & travel safe

  4. Glad you got your tax thing straightened out. What a worry. They are always screwing something up. Guess it was just your turn... :)


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