Day two at Daytona Speedway....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Yesterday was a recovery day, especially since it was pouring down rain all morning. By early afternoon we decided to head out for a movie. We saw "The Adjustment Bureau" with Matt Damon. We both enjoyed it...some interesting fantasy woven into a love story. Afterwards we picked up a few groceries and then stopped at McDonald's for some coffee and ice cream.

I had decided to get some custom pinstriping done on my bike and we found someone at Daytona Speedway to do the work. That meant getting up early and spending the day there. It was cold (low of 38 last night) so we layered up and headed out.

The bike turned out can see all the photos in this blog entry: Big Red gets dressed and Gypsy adds more bling!

We spent a great day wandering the Speedway, checked out a few vendors we missed and saw a lot more bikes. Yes, that means a TON more photos. LOL! Here are a few...the rest are in today's SmugMug album.

We picked up a couple more shirts, including this one for Stu. The second photo is some folks doing "anything" to get a free t-shirt. LOL! The third is my favorite bike so far!

Tomorrow we plan to get up early again and head to the beach. Should be an interesting day!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Fuzzy did a great job with your bike. Stu's new fringe looks great with his bike too. When we owned our Harley, I think a major part of the fun was customizing it to suit us. In the beginning I'd come home from work and Roger would challenge me to see if I could figure out what had been added or changed out that day. Still miss the Harley.

  2. The bike looks fabulous! Neat to see how folks customize their bikes.

  3. Fantastic customizing! I had a bike for a short period of time when I was 17. Forged my dad's signature so I could get my motorcycle license, and a few weeks into bike ownership my mom told me that I could keep the bike and move our, or get rid of it and stay. The bike went, but the desire to ride didn't, so maybe down the road another one is in store.

  4. What I love about the bike pix is that NONE of them are the same-all individuals-love it!

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the dishes, I didn't think about the microwave, guess I'll have to look at Corelle. I did get a nice swirled color melanine small mixing bowl.

  6. Is there such a thing as tooooo much funnnnn? If so, you two are it! Love the pictures.

  7. Terrible thing in Japan. My thoughts go out to them. Was glad to read Lady Gaga is doing something to support their cause. Keep it up!


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