The day started out good....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We got up early Saturday, knowing that 11 am was our scheduled departure time. Stu had done a lot of prep work but there was still a fair amount to do. The last thing was to fill in the holes that little Miss Sadie had dug under the trailer...LOL!

So, at 11:30 we hit the road, saying goodbye to Bee's RV Resort. The GPS said we'd arrive at Crystal Lake RV Park in Mims, FL around 1:30....which I knew was very optimistic due the construction on Rt 50 and going through downtown Orlando. Sadie settled back in amongst our folding bicycles and lounge chairs...she slept most of the way.

We made it to Winter Garden when our Pressure Pro Tire Monitoring System alerted us to a low tire. The pressure continued to drop and Stu quickly found a place to pull over, the parking lot of a closed motel. Here is what we found....

Stu tried to air it up, hoping we could baby it the last 50 miles...wasn't happening. Fortunately we were beside a tire repair shop and they told us they could fix it. We moved the rig into their parking lot and rolled it up onto blocks for them.

Then Stu jacked it up since they were concerned that their jack might not hold (we do weigh quite a bit more than a regular vehicle). They couldn't plug it due to the ply density but they agreed to take it off and patch it from inside.

They gave us a ten dollar discount for helping out and we left two hours later and $40 poorer. The good news is that it could have been a LOT worse. Without a tire monitoring system we wouldn't have known the tire was going flat (it was the center wheel) till it overheated and blew. That could have damaged the body of the rig as well as possibly passing cars. Phew!

Since it was now 1:30 already, we agreed to watch for a place to eat once we made it through Orlando. Nothing but fast food places...did pass one diner but weren't sure we could get in and out so we settled for IHOP at the I-95 interchange. The staff had been watching us park the rig and all wanted to be adopted by us. LOL! The food was good, the coffee was great and the service excellent.

Back on the road, we went north on I-95 till our exit for Crystal Lake RV Park. Easy to get to, close to the interstate but that's okay with us, and a nice long pull-through. Lots of bikes here at the park but not a party park atmosphere...we like that. A half dozen guys had to come over and talk about the trailer and the trike. Later I snapped a couple of quick photos.

If you look closely at the lake photos, you can see where the fire came right up to the park before being put out. In fact the office was almost in the fire...the park was evacuated. So glad things seem to be under control now. We're glad we delayed those two extra days.

Today Stu visited a local urgent care center to get a finger gash looked at...he was afraid it was getting infected. After watching a good friend almost die from what was initially a simple infection, he didn't want to take any chances. He ended up with both a tetanus and pertussis shot as well as an Rx for antibiotics. I stayed home and did laundry and caught up with a bunch on online chores that needed doing.

Tomorrow we will head into Ormond Beach to visit the Daytona Harley dealer, J&P Cycles and maybe Iron Braid (if we can find them). No real agenda....we have Monday through Saturday to view all the nonsense and take photos. LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Wow, thank goodness for the tire pressure monitoring system! The thoughts of a blow-out is a little scary. Good thing Stu took care of the finger......

  2. omg Donna, that is some rig!! Enjoy your travels - keep us posted.

  3. We had a blow out once in NM, it's not fun. Good for you for having the pressure monitoring system.

  4. Love the Pressure can be a life saver! I am so glad you guys are ok.

    You will be in my home town....Daytona!

  5. Amazing technology we have nowadays, huh? So glad you are okay and that you arrived safely at your destination.

  6. Love our TMS. Can't imagine this lifestyle without it.

  7. yup, a l.o.t. worse! been there, done that back in our travel trailer days!

    so glad things worked out the way they did for you guys today!!! nice looking rigamajig!!

  8. So glad you caught the problem before you had a really serious problem. We don't have a tire pressure monitoring system Can't convince hubby that we need it. Sorry we missed you Friday night, hope we can catch up with you another time.

  9. Our Pressure Pro saved our butts more than once. In NM it went off. We had a flat FAST! Tire could not be saved however. Just yesterday it went off - a tire became OVER inflated due to travel heat.

    We are having one go off a lot for no apparent reason. Think it might need replacing. Lucky us - Pat and Mike McFall are here at the Gypsy Journal Rally and we will look them up.

    You have LOTS of tires to monitor girl.

  10. Good grief! Seems like with that many axles one tire more or less wouldn't matter. :oD Glad it worked out well.


  11. Glad you, Stu, and dear Miss Sadie all arrived safely! Enjoy Bike Week and all it has to offer -- Dave & I haven't been there since 2000. We'll love viewing your photos.


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