Perfect Kindle App...for me...maybe for you!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The one feature that I had hoped to find on my Kindle was a note taking one. I found out that I could take notes but they had to be linked to a book. I guess I could have created a fake PDF and linked to that but opted not to bother.

Recently I found a brand new app, Notepad, that does exactly what I want! Best part is that it costs only 99 cents. WHOO-HOO!!

Here are some notes from the Kindle Review Blog:
Things the Kindle Notepad App is Not

It’s not a Word Processor – there’s no spell check and no copy/paste.

It’s not Free – We’ve priced it at $1 to ensure as many Kindle owners can get it as possible. However, it’s not free since it wasn’t free to make.

It’s not an ebook reader – You won’t be able to open up really big text files. It’s a notepad and it’s meant for notes and not for writing books or reading books.

It’s not magic.

It doesn’t put form over function. Example 1: Between making the typing really fast and making the fonts anti-aliased, we chose the former. Example 2: Between making the app fast and responsive and adding animations and elaborate backgrounds, we chose the former.
There are currently 17 reviews, all 5 star. I should add mine, would also be 5 start. I love the fact that I can be out and about, reading my Kindle and when something strikes, I can add a note. Later I can just review my notes or transfer them to my laptop.

Kindle Notepad Video

Anyway, just wanted to pass this along to all my Kindle fiends...errr, friends. LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

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  1. I love cool tools. I use the note function on my phone quite a bit. I can forward them to my computer if I want. I use a Nook reader, and don't know if it has such a feature. So far I haven't found the need to make notes as I read. If I have an observation I sometimes speak it into my phone as a voice recording. Another great phone tool.

  2. That's one thing I cannot get with..the E readers...I gotta have a real book in my hand...Guess it's my stubborn old age talkin'.!

  3. I haven't gotten into E-readers, but I could certainly use the note-taking part:)

  4. I have a Kindle - sounds good to me. thanks!

  5. I just found out about that app too. I haven't bought it yet, but probably will. I'm not sure how much I'll use it. I do tend to make notes all over the place though. Maybe this would help...or maybe it would just be one more place to look :)

  6. THANK YOU, Donna, for sharing info about this app. I think this will be one of the best $1 buys ever! Keep writin' - we love your blog. And our Ms. Minnie sends a 'woof' to Sadie, too.
    Leslie 'n Dave

  7. I have the Notepad app on my iPhone and I use it frequently - I need it because I suffer from CRS.


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