We never made it to Daytona Beach....

Monday, March 14, 2011

We never made it to Daytona Beach on Friday....we were both too tired and decided to just relax and recoup our energy. Saturday was spent on a short motorcycle ride and then getting the rig ready to move on Sunday. We worked at a leisurely pace and were ready to hit the road at noon on Sunday. We would definitely come to Crystal Lake RV Park again.

We had a short drive...about 100 miles and 99% of it was interstate driving. Tough duty...NOT! We arrived at Tanglewood Village in Vero Beach around 2 pm. This is a resident owned, 55+ park with about a dozen RV spots at the back. The workampers were expecting us and quickly got us checked in and settled into our spot for the next 16 days.

We have a nice long back-in spot where there is plenty of room for the truck, rig and the ramp being down so we can enjoy the air flow by using the screen in the garage. Sadie enjoys having lots of grass to lounge around on...the last two sites had a fair amount of dirt.

We went out for dinner at a local spot, Bono's Pit BBQ, then slid by my youngest brother's house to see if they were home...they weren't. Left them a message and headed home to watch a little TV before bed.

Headed out today around noon, riding to Ft. Pierce and Archie's Seabreeze for lunch with my youngest brother and his wife plus a friend they brought along with them. With outdoor seating, Sadie got to sit with us. She enjoyed her day, too.

After lunch we all took a leisurely ride down A1A and then back north along the Intercoastal Waterway. Perfect day for a ride....we stopped once for some photos. Marie, my sister-in-law, took some, their friend snapped some more and then I caught one of Marie setting up a shot and another of her and my brother Kendall.

From there we headed back to Vero where we dropped Sadie off at home and then went over to my brother's for a nice evening of chatter and a good home-cooked dinner. They're both back to work tomorrow and we have errands to run and chores to catch up on. Life is good!

We will get together with my other brother, his wife and maybe their daughters and kids for dinner sometime this week. Stu will also take his trike over to the local independent bike shop where Kendall works evenings part-time. They need to pull some bolts and mount a hitch for the cargo trailer. Me? A haircut is overdue....

I also have several cousins in the area as well as a stepdaughter close to Ft Lauderdale...we hope to see them all while in the area. Lots of family to visit and lots of good weather and great riding. Will blog as time allows....

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. We enjoy "do nothing" days. We used to be able to go, go, go...much younger days, now we can go, rest, rest, go...LOL.
    Glad you are taking time out to smell the roses.

  2. Isn't it great to have family to visit AND your own bed at night?! Looks like a wonderful time, Donna.

  3. Sounds like a great day with family! I remember when you saw cars and bikers on the beach at Daytona..not any more!..Sadie is growing like a weed...quite a lovely young lady!!

  4. I guess we just missed you. We left Vero Beach on Sunday.

  5. Enjoy your time with family :) It's the one draw back to traveling for us is being away from family so long...thank goodness for things like facebook and magic jacks :) What would we do without the internet now adays???

    Thanks again Donna for all your links and resources they have been loads of help with planning our maiden voyage!

  6. Nice to be able to spend time with family. Sounds like you quite a few in the area, enjoy!

    Sadie looks like she is enjoying all the attention.

    Kevin and Ruth


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