I couldn't belive my eyes - an Army Pillow!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mommy and I were out walking last night...my parents always take me out just before we go to bed. I really like here in Florida, the flashlight shows up lots of little flying things for me to chase.

Once mommy stopped suddenly and I felt her shudder all the way through the leash! I looked in the light but all I saw was a pretty lacy thing with a nice big fat juicy bug in the middle. She muttered something about "darn spiders" and made me turn away. Jeesh!

We got almost back home and I saw something move quickly....mommy yelled out "bunny" as I chased it. But it wasn't a bunny. Mommy called it an army pillow...or something like that. It looked like a cat in armored ninja warrior gear! Here's a picture (not of the real one cause mommy left her camera in the house).

I really, REALLY wanted to get closer but he run under a trailer behind us and I couldn't get to him. I hope he'll be out again tonight! I want some armored ninja gear like that....Hai-YA! [snicker]

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. I love to chase bunnies but I haven't ever seen an army pillow. I bet they'd be hard to play with with all that armored stuff on them.


  2. Sadie, you are such a beauty! My little one (100 lbs.) is always kept on a short leash, he loves Army Pillows way too much. Enjoy yourself Sadie. Oh, My babies name is Chance, he is a rescue, the owner of the mother and trainer tossed his little body out of her pen at 6 weeks old. Now he lives in harmony. Hugs to you little one.

  3. We had an Army Pillow in our front yard once. Apparently they like to dig big and deep holes even more than you do! I think that armor would be a little to warm for this state though. Licky kisses, Billy


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