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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mommy loves this photo but I'm not so sure....jeesh, she could have at least wiped my "goober eyes", as she calls them. She said she had to take a picture of my mini-jowels.

I don't know what jowels are but I'm glad mine are little. She said all boxers have jowels. My daddy was a boxer and he has BIG jowels.

Isn't my dad handsome? I sure think so.

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


Jim and Sandie said...

We have eye goobers every day and Mom and Dad drive us crazy cleaning them up. What a pain. Your daddy is handsome but you must have a lot of your mommy in you because you look much softer with your jowels. I don't think Skitz and I have jowels. Guess I'll have to ask Mom.


Carla/Iron said...

You are a beautiful pup Sadie! The great thing about mini-jowels is much less free flying slobber when you decide to take a good ol' shake!

Big old friendly pats!

Gloria said...

I never heard of Jowels! But I think you are very pretty! Love Billy

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