Gadgets, Goodies and Glacier

Saturday, July 7, 2012

RVers like goodies...just look at the selection of "toys" at Camping World or any of the online RV stores. Special dishes, mats for cabinets, holders for shower items, special mini-"just about anything you could want".  Then there are the fun and funky lights to hang off our awnings, silly lawn ornaments that we love to display. Plus all the tools; you know the guys (and a few gals) just HAVE have to have tools.

One thing we all try to do is find items that can serve multiple purposes, a great way to conserve space in our tight quarters. We organize and re-organize. We use totes, collapsible bins, bags of all sizes and styles.

Of course we can't forget out gadgets be it a hand-held GPS for geo-caching, or the latest ebook reader from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Kitchen gadgets get tested as well. We have the cutest little two-egg poacher for our microwave. It works great and we use it all the time. Then there are the silicone backing dishes, collapsible bowls and colanders and much more.

What are your favorite organization tips? Got a gadget that you'd love to let others know about?

BONUS: Glacier National Park


  1. Well, I am totally enamored and unabashedly fond of my new iPhone. I've also got The Desk Apprentice which I really like.

  2. It's nothing new, but my favorite gadget has got to be my eReader. Never thought I would like one but I wouldn't trade it for anything. So much easier to travel with.

  3. We got a couple of gadgets that I'm going to post about soon, both for the microwave: A pasta cooker and a cooker for ears of corn. They don't take up as much space as stove pots and cook really quickly! Stay tuned.

  4. Oh gosh, we LOVE our RV goodies! We got a whole pile of em, the newest are: a portable water carrying bladder to haul 45 gal of water in the back of our toad out to the rig if we are boondocking somewhere. We love our hand held CB radios to help back into campsites. We love our 500 watts of solar panels on the roof so we can camp anywhere. Plain and simple, we love our motorhome!
    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. I love hearing about others favorite goodies!!! Thanks for stopping in and commenting. ;-)

  6. Just purchased a toaster/convection oven. . .with it and the induction burner. . .I can now just use the useless RV stove for storage. . .it's working out great!



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