Log Homes and Las Vegas

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Anyone who has followed us for a while, knows that we plan to build a log home on our property in TN for when we hang up the keys (at least for full-timing). We have an RV site on the property and hope to get in utilities in this week, allowing us to move there from our current campground.

We don't have any firm plans on when we will build but that hasn't stopped us from visiting log home shows and even taking a factory tour with one company (who is our current choice of builder). We got Log Home magazine for a while but it was more ads than substance so swapped it out for one on scuba diving. ;-)

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  1. It's great you KNOW where you want to settle down. We have a long way to go to figure out that one. Congrats on the property. I guess we won't see you in Florida this winter?

  2. No rush...take your time in picking a log home...I am soooo jealous, yet again!


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