Dogs and D-Day Museum

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dogs it the word of the day, RVing and dogs that is. Anyone who has followed us for a while knows that we travel with our little (40#) Boxer mix, Sadie, since she was eight weeks old (she'll be two this August 8th). She even has her own blog but I have to admit, as she's grown up she's really not blogging as much.

Many of our friends travel with dogs. Mike and Janna travel with little Miss Emmi. Jim and Ellie have Miss Jasmine and Mr. Bojangles. Al and Kelly have lost three dogs while RVing and have acquired a new love, Pheebs. Jim and Sandy travel with Skittlz and Scooter. Miss Mindy is with Gloria and Ralph. Chris and Jim have Odie. Mustang Sally lives with Kerri and her kids but their house doesn't move much.

Size doesn't matter, while many prefer smaller dogs (and often in twos or threes), there are many that travel with big dogs - German Shepherds, Dobermans, Standard Poodles, Labs, etc.

One thing about being a good dog need to pick up after your pets. No one wants to step in dog poop. Another is trying to contain their barking. I admit to Sadie getting hyper when someone comes to visit, especially if they are delivering packages or mail. She has taken it upon herself to protect us and sounds so ferocious in her barking. We are working on this....

Worse is the dogs that bark non-stop when left inside alone, unattended. I pity their neighbors. It's bad enough if they bark at every leaf that falls, and yes, some do.

But regardless of the issues involved in traveling with dogs, it's worth the effort for the love they give us in return. Have you hugged your dog today?

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  1. Great post on a subject near and dear! Yes, I have had morning Maggie hugs, reciprocal in nature. A home - whether stix-n-brix or rolling like ours - is not quite the same without the sound of paws. :)

  2. Cute photo of Sadie making sure Dad is doing it right!

  3. Let me know some hints at the barking please. lol, Miss Mindy barks at everything outside, so annoying sometimes. We sure are trying to subdue her, sometimes it works.

  4. LOVE your pic! I even showed it to Steve who interrupted his card playing on his puter to look!

    We travel with our two dogs, one big one small, a collie and a sheltie. We always have a flyswatter nearby when sitting outside. One shake of the swatter prevents them from barking, even if we can see they are "thinking of barking" we show them the swatter.

    If we do have to leave them in the rig, we put them in the back area by the bedroom and bathroom (less windows to look out of) and turn on a radio or tv kinda loud inside. That drowns out the outside sounds they might hear or bark alerts to. If it's hot, we also have a strong 12 volt fan to blow on them in case the AC kicks out.

    I have one question about dogs and RV's though: Why MUST they both lay in the narrowest part of the RV aisle and block the way? We are constantly stepping over dogs, trying to not land on a tail or a paw??????

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Loved the picture! She looks very curious and We love our little Buddy and can't imagine being without a 4-legged critter.
    Looking forward to more blogs!
    Susan & Sam

  6. Well, we have cats and love them as much as doggie fur-kids. They're easy to care for, don't bark and do their doo doo in a box and cover it up. They too like to be in the middle of everything and we have to step over them when they decide the "hallway" is the best place to sprawl.

    The best advantage of cats to us is we can leave them up to two days with fans and air on, leave out food and water and put out an extra kitty litter box. Just sayin'...


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