Will we make it?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I know, you're wondering if we'll ever make our ride. We are determined to go Sep-Oct of 2013. I'll turn 66 that September and it would be great to ride Route 66 at age 66. If we don't make it then, I fear I will be riding on the back of Stu's trike, rather than riding my own.

Speaking of Stu's trike, he traded in his 2009 for a brand-spanking new 2012. It's gorgeous! He moved most of his accessories over and saved the faring from the 2009 for our future pole barn on our property in TN.

Here are a couple of shots of his new bike....

He still has to put the hitch for BRAT on this trike and we have to start re-acclimating Sadie to riding. She loves it but isn't as good about staying put in the seat bag. Her nails really do a job on the paint so we're looking for alternative means of restraining her.

Anyway, that's the latest for us and our plans!

Ride safe,
Stu and Donna


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