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Sunday, July 15, 2012

We've been staying busy since we got home. First it was inside chores due to the hot weather, then as it cooled down we started working on our property. For anyone who hasn't been following that, we have a separate blog where we are chronicling our progress. We've been working on the RV site for two years now and think we will finally have utilities next week.

This was taken when Stu dropped some stuff off before heading to the campground

This is what it looks like after getting our shed put in this week.

We're both getting excited about moving there even though we have almost no cell service and absolutely no Internet. We can run down the road a few miles and get that just fine. Worst case, there is always McD's in town. LOL!

Stu's knees are doing really well. We had hoped to start working out at a local gym but he's been busy working on the property and I've been busy getting my writing blogs done ahead due to the lack of Internet as well as working on my two novels.

Sadie is doing great, still loving running around on the property. Great exercise for her, she sleeps well when she gets home. She's been too tired to blog....sorry. ;-)

Here she is checking out dad's handiwork.

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  1. How exciting to be working on new property...I love the area you are in...Maybe Dennis and I should head that way ..This area is just tooooo busy and the taxes are killin' us!!


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