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Saturday, July 28, 2012

We are blessed to be able to live the full-timing lifestyle, it provides us a multitude of options. We can move every day, flitting from place to place like hummingbirds. Or we can opt to stay for longer periods, maybe a week, a month or several months. We can snow-bird and spent half the year in one spot and the rest in another similar to the geese migrating south for the winter.

I think we have become quarters in the last year or two, mostly out of necessity. We've been spending 3 months in the south, 6 months in TN (fall and spring) and 3 months in the northeast. Wondering what bird does that?

The good thing is that we have the option, the ability to move when we need or want to. Don't like the weather? Move. Don't like the scenery? Move. Don't like the neighbors or their opinions? Move. Life is good!

BONUS: Oregon


  1. Donna, indeed this lifestyle rocks. I'm so blessed to be living my dream for the past 2 years! Don't like where you are? "My house has wheels." Love it!

  2. I envy you that lifestyle..especially when our real estate taxes are due...Keep on keepin' on....

  3. I think that might be a "freebird".

  4. Donna, I so enjoy your blog and living vicariously through you enjoying your on-the move lifestyle. How free and wide open. Keep enjoying and keep sharing :)

  5. I sure agree with you. It's nice to move when you want. In fact we've changed our minds a couple times this year on the length of stay. Time to move onward, we're getting to know the area too well.


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