Great Family Vacation!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We had a wonderful time in Ft Lauderdale. My granddaughter's gymnastics team won first place in All-around for the ten year olds in the Bronze class. She took two wins in the individuals; second in bars and eighth in floor. We had a blast watching all the kids compete.

The rest of the week was spent scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing (for the guys), air-boat riding, beaching it, massaging (for the girls), hanging at the pool and just generally enjoying family. I even got to meet my first and only great-grandbaby for the first time and Stu met the last of my grandkids that he hadn't met before.

Before we knew it, the week was over and everyone was on their way home. While we made the trip down in two days, we took three for the drive back. We took a side trip to Daytona and visited The Helmet Shop where we each got new shorty helmets (well, we ordered them, should have them by the end of the week).

We spent Saturday night in Chattanooga since the temps were still running in the upper 90's. We took in a movie, saw Madagascar 3 [loved it]. Ran errands and picked up Sadie on Monday.

This week we'll be working on getting our property set up for utilities and adding shed. As the week progresses, I'll be adding notes to that blog.

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  1. Nice trip. I like Ft Lauderdale, and maybe even Lauderdale By the Sea somewhat more (less traffic and madness).

    Did you guys happen to stop in Cocoa Beach on your way up to Volusia County and Daytona? There's a great Surf Shop there.

    Enjoy your travels. I know I do mine.



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