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Monday, July 23, 2012

First, we haven't relocated to our property yet, most things are done but we need to schedule the final electric hookup with the power company and we need to get another load of crush run gravel laid down on the driveway. I will be updating the property blog in the next couple of days with more photos of the work.

Regardless if these are done or not, we will be moving there on Thursday. The campground will be full starting Friday with participants in the world's longest yard sale. This is the 25th anniversary of the sale and Jamestown will be a zoo....LOL!

One other thing to pass along....I am holding a giveaway on my writing blog. The prizes include a bracelet, Amazon Gift Cards and free copies of my e-books. You can enter daily until July 31st, the giveaway ends at midnight. There are 70 authors participating in the giveaway, each with their own prizes. The host site is has some great grand prizes including two Kindle Fires.

Check it out and enter to win some of these amazing prizes while you find some new Independent Authors to read. Oh, and pass the link on to all your family and friends! Remember, on my giveaway page you can enter daily for more chances to win my prizes!


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