Utility installation started

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stu headed out to the property around 10 am yesterday to meet with the excavator who is putting in our water and electric lines. The contractor had initially planned on taking the shortest route from the pole at the end of the driveway, back to the other side of our shed.

Well, that didn't happen thanks to a huge rock just under the surface, close to the pole. After discussions about going aerial, he and Stu determined that they would trench across the end of the driveway and then up the shed side.

Not a problem...until they hit the water line.

Two hours later, repairs done, they continued work.

The water line was done and the freeze-proof hydrant installed. The trench for the power is done. Tomorrow they plan to put in the conduit, electric line, post with 30/50 amp plugs and then get it all inspected. We're not clear on when the inspections get done, time-wise, so it looks like we'll book our last week here at Maple Hill RV Park.

Stu took a lot more photos but they're on the camera in the truck...and it's pouring. More later!

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna

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  1. How exciting....getting closer each day!
    I hear you on the inspection process, having worked my entire career in the construciton field, I know only too well those inspectors work to their OWN time frame....looking forward to further updates!


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