Water, Power, Phone lines in the ground!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yup, all the major utility lines are in and, except for the phone, are operational. We won't connect the phone until we come back in November since there is a $25 disconnect/reconnect fee (each instance)...at least that is what we took away from the last conversation. We will verify that this week and if it turns out to be $25 total, I think we'll hook it up now. Why? Because we can get DSL and won't have to worry about an Internet connection.

Here are some photos of the utility line installations. The water was run behind the shed and the power/telephone in front.

We had another truck load of crush run gravel brought in and put on the back half of the drive. Once we have moved in, we'll get another load brought in for the front half. The one thing we would do differently next time, get the utilities run first!

The last photo shows how we have blocked off access to the property (thinking ATVs) until it grows back up.

We are moving to the property in the morning!!! Can you say excited? The only downside will be lack of cell and Internet service. But for five weeks, we can deal.

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna


  1. No cell or internet? Man, that is roughing it!

  2. You must be so excited! It is really looking nice and I know you will be glad to have this phase completed. :-)

    Kerri in AL :-)

  3. Congratulations........boy is Sadie going to be a happy doggie for 5 weeks.

    No cell or internet will be a "test" for you and Stu. It is amazing how "addicted" we get to those two!

    Enjoy and I look forward to reading some great postings.


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