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Monday, July 9, 2012

Dealing with major medical issues while traveling is one of the biggest issues, and fears, for RVers. When on the road we don't have access to our regular doctors and medical facilities that we were used to when living in a sticks and brick home. It can be a scary proposition, finding a doctor or hospital at the last minute.

Stu and I have been very fortunate. We were able to schedule his double knee replacement with a doctor he knew and a hospital he trusted. We have managed to return to Maryland at least once a year for all our annual checkups but we have also had a few issues on the road. Each time we were fortunate to have good experiences. 

  • Infected wound: Urgent Care Clinic
  • Dizziness and ear noise:  Urgent Care Clinic
  • Severe abdominal pain (middle of night) - ER
  • Severe bladder infection (weekend) - ER
  • Severe chest pain (middle of night) - ER

Fellow RVing friends have had to deal with kidney stones, heart attacks, gallbladder attacks, cancer, bad falls and even an intestinal blockage. It's life and we do what we have to do. We just don't live in fear.

How have your experiences been with finding medical care while traveling? Do you return to one location annually for regular checkups?

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  1. We do return to home for various appointments (dental, heart check-up, regular check-up). We are from Iowa. About a year ago we were in Oregon when my wife found a lump. A mammogram showed clear. She had the info sent to her regular doctor and we headed for home which was the plan anyway. Her local doctor didn't like what he saw, so we started over, so to speak. After several months of chemo and radiation, she has been declared cancer free.

    1. JC, so glad to hear the news about your wife. It also shows that we need to follow our instincts when it comes to our health. Continued good journeys to you both!!

  2. We also still return "home" for our annual follow ups. . .it's just easier that way, plus that's where the Grands are!

    In Colorado when hubby had a virus which resulted in dehydration. . .the local urgent care clinic was just great. . .and in Montana, when he had a kidney stone. . .the local E.R. (two hours away) fixed him right up. . .

    It's a great life,

  3. We have only had to go to the urgent care once while on the road...McGyver's back went out (never happened before). He got a shot and meds, but we ended up going home anyway...Some trips just aren't meant to be..

  4. We don't travel by RV (yet), but my daughter was visiting family and had a really bad skin rash. We used the CVS Minute Clinic. Unfortunately I've found that with children, the urgent cares and emergency rooms don't quite cut it. For whatever reason, they seem to do well by me (an adult), but not for my girls. We end up doing follow up visits, and really seem to have wasted money with the initial visit, since just about every single time, the regular doc changes the prescription.

    This is something I need to consider because of my younger daughter's medical condition - that we won't have access to the doctors and nurses who have been treated her for the last 4 years.

  5. Urgent care for a sinus infection where they prescribed the same medicine I usually take for those. An emergency optical visit when I lost partial vision in one eye--turned out to be minor, thank you very much. We do return home for regular care.

  6. We have also been pretty lucky but have had a few issues on the road and each time were able to find care without to much drama.

    We always go to a familiar doctor fro annual checks, but we do not worry about emergencies on the road. Even if you were "at home" when a big issue arises, you are almost certainly going to end up with a specialist you do not know in a hospital you have not been to whether you are "home" or on the road, so we do not see the big difference. Only worry when is necessary:)


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