Seven months?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wow, guess I haven't had much to post here but that has changed. We are back in TN and actively working on the property. In fact, you can see how our rig looked when we first got here and Stu parked it temporarily while he unloaded some things.

We have found another contractor to install the underground lines for power and water, that starts next Tuesday. This Friday the same contractor will be delivering our shed which will provide us a good spot to park the bikes while we are on the property.

This is not our exact shed....ours will be natural, double doors, barn style roof but with no windows and a dark green metal roof. We'll take more photos once it's delivered.

If all goes as planned, we should move to the property late next week and will stay till the end of summer. The last thing to work on will be the septic. We already have the tank in, just need to check the drainage field and get the final approval.

Can you say EXCITED!!!

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna


  1. Sounds like you are making some progress on the new property. When I get the bike back we will have to ride over your way to check it out, if that would be okay.

  2. You mean Stu didn't let you practice your backing the rig skills to put the rig in the property? Sheesh

  3. You are making lots of progress!! -- we are also working on building our little cabin in the mountains of East Tn -- Poga (Pogy) to be exact - try finding that on a map--ready for roof - doors and windows ordered -- cant wait to sit and watch the stars in peace and quiet!!!

  4. Very happy and excited to read you are back with updates on the property.

    You are living our dream....oh someday it will come true.

    Maybe Sadie will even blog while you are there.



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