MANLY prep for our shed

Friday, July 13, 2012

Stu has spent the last two days clearing a spot for our shed. If you remember, we were originally looking small, say 10x12. I think we ended up with 20x24? I'll post the actual dimensions with the final photo. Here are some shots of the property as he cleared it by hand with his chain saw and a little help from Scooby (our pickup) for the stumps.

This was at the end of the first day of clearing with the chain saw.

This was the day of the final clearing.

And here is the fully cleared lot, ready for concrete blocks and our new shed!

Stu is on the property as I type, taking delivery of the shed. He'll bring home new photos of the delivery and the shed. Watch for another post in the next day or two!

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna


  1. That is a lot of hard work. I guess his knees are not giving him any issues or he wouldn't be doing hard labor.

    Looking great!

  2. Well, thats about the way this place looked when I started..Lots of work ahead of you, but you will be so proud!!! Been there, done that...Now sittin back enjoying all the blood sweat and tears!!!


  3. Lookin' good. The hard work will look so much better when you're kicked back in the easy chair.

  4. Looking good you guys.....must be exciting!

  5. We hope to get over there to check it out in a couple of weeks. Looks like things are coming together for you.

  6. Yes, Stu's knees are doing great. Duane, just let us know your schedule. Thanks Paul & everyone else!!


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