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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The weather held yesterday and the shed was delivered around 10 am. Stu took a lot of photos and some video of the delivery. The delivery trailer is an amazing piece of engineering, able to move in all directions, as shown in the videos (after Stu edits them into one piece).

Oh, minor correction on the shed size. We had originally looked at one that was 12 x 20. I knew Stu up-sized to something that was 24 x something so my brain locked in on 20 x 24. Turns out that it's 12 x 24 (I'm sure the guys reading this are laughing hysterically now....).

Anyway, here are a few photos of the delivery and final installation. All the photos are in our SmugMug album.

Backing down the driveway

Sliding it down...

Moving the other end backwards...

Sitting in place...

Looking down the driveway from the road...

Tomorrow's blog will detail Stu building the ramp for the front of the shed, allowing us to drive the motorcycles in and out easily.

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna


  1. That is one nice shed. Looks like Stu is getting along pretty good on those new knees.

  2. You can never have too big of a barn! Stu will love the shed, that's for sure!!! Looks Great!


  3. Your new shed is the same size as the cabin we are building--12 X 24. We will have a 10 X 24 screened porch across the front for extra room...Good luck with your buillding!!

  4. Believe me, Stu would have the pole barn if he could. LOL! That will be 60 x 80, unless he expands it more.


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