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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We are retired. We are full-timers. We set out plans in JELL-O, watery unset  JELL-O at times.

We had planned to have our property set up for our RV two years ago. We are almost there. We actually hope to move next week!

We planned to ride Route-66 in the spring of 2011 but we changed that to the fall.  That got changed when we brought Sadie into our lives and we wanted to wait till she was older, so we moved it to May of 2012. Twin granddaughters graduating high school meant moving it to Sep-Oct. Nope, not going to happen, got an important wedding to attend. We are determined to make it in Sep-oct of 2013, keep your fingers crossed for us!

We've had our planned changed due to family health, our health and the weather. How about you?

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  1. We planned on doing Prince Edwards Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and were half way there (from Florida) when I got my tonsil cancer diagnosis (cured now) last year. We tried again this year to get there, but my father's health became an issue and again we've postponed it. Next year we were supposed to go to Alaska (another trip that was postponed from an earlier year), but we may push that out so that we can finish our trip to the Maritimes. Who knows...we'll see... 8^)

    -- jc&bev

  2. Life definitely takes control of our plans. Glad I don't make many. Jim's two surgeries this year and the fact we have to be back in AZ in September for doctor appts rather dictates where we will be when.

  3. Route 66 is way at the top of my Bucket List. Just waitin' for the hubby to retire, so we can do it right. With 4 children, 4 grandchildren and more on the way, I don't doubt plans will need to be flexible too.

  4. @JC, we totally missed your cancer diagnosis. With your blog (if you blogged about it), I can't send it to my RSS feed reader so admit to not keeping up. So glad you are cancer free....cancer sucks! Really hope to meet up with you and Bev somewhere this year. We'll be in Clermont, FL again this winter.

    @Jim & Sandie, again...cancer sucks! So glad Jim is doing so well. We want to get back west but as each year passes that seems further and further away. Need to spend some more time with you two. We'll think of you at the GJR this Sept in OH.

    @Jill, yup - kids and grandkids keep us hopping, but they're well worth it!

  5. We have not had to alter our JELLO SCHEDULE for any specific reasons as of yet. However we do have to make an unscheduled trip back to the Manufacturer of our Rv for a couple of repairs that it seems only they can properly fix!!! We will be on Cape Cod and will have to travel to Elkhart Indiana!! They are paying our expenses from MA. to IN and IN back to MA. We feel this is the best way to get the problem solved.
    Don't look forward to driving to Indiana as the roads are horrid but we do like the Indiana Amish country around Elkhart!!!

  6. jc&bev- we are in Hubbards NS - mid south shore - been here 3 weeks with 1 more to go. Very, very beautiful scenery - campgrounds are a bit rustic but the location is perfect for touring the south shore. Off to Halifax today with 17 Tall Ships sailing into the harbor.


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