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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Sadie is doing better. Thanks to Sandra for the suggestion on the chicken broth. I boiled up some chicken bouillon and that got her to drinking and made her thirsty. She then drank a fair bit of water and ate half a bowl of food. I'll be glad when she's eating normally though, she needs to 2-3# back on.

For anyone who either 1) loves and misses Calvin and Hobbes or 2) hates the current winter weather, check out Ken and Angela's blog today. Lots of laughs.....

Lastly, a more serious topic....there was a discussion today in the Escapees forum about how to substantiate a fire loss to your insurance company. I think everyone needs to read this, whether you are in house, apartment or RV. I doubt that most of us have the information on hand that we really should, if it were needed.

Take time to inventory your "stuff" and store it OFF SITE! Send a copy to your kids, your lawyer, your safety deposit box. Use your camera or even your phone's camera. If your camera does video or you have a camcorder, use that and talk your way through your belongings.

Make a list of serial numbers and brands/models of your electronics. Document those tools, computer equipment, gadgets, etc. Heck, you'd be amazed at what it would take to replace all your household goods - linens, dishes, all the things you use every day and those that you don't. Add in your clothes, hobby items, see how quickly it grows.

Don't put it off...I know I'll be starting ours in the next week or so...a little at a time, but will get it started. What about you?

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. When our dog was ill we gave her Pediolite (electrolites for babies) and then introduced baby finger foods like mini-sausages. Small portions but tasting (or at least Star thought so). Find both of them in the baby foods section at the grocery store or Walmart.

  2. Agreed... most people don't realize that most RV policies only cover $500 of personal possessions you take along! If you are lucky enough to still have a homeowners policy, you have to *prove* that you took along any items into the RV at the time of the loss!

    (our friends had to go through this in Dec, what a mess they had!)

    We did videos of all compartments, cabinets and what things we normally leave in the rig when just parked in the driveway. That totaled to over $8,000 worth of possessions!~ We carry an extra rider to cover at replacement value for that and any additional things we bring from the house on a normal trip. Always replacement value.

    Only costs us an extra $100 a year, but our insurance agent has a copy of our video, as does our daughter at her house. Peace of mind.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. As fulltimers, we have fulltimers insurance but now I am wondering, just what is covered?

    Think it's time to review the policy. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I'm glad Sadie is doing better.

    Good idea about an inventory of your stuff. We only had $3000 coverage for anything in the motorhome that wasn't part of the motorhome. I increased it to $5000 which was the highest I could get until we are full timers. I know that won't cover everything, but for now we have homeowners insurance that will. People also need to realize if you have a claim and need to file under h/o and rv insurance, you'd have two separate deductibles.

  5. Very interesting blog....Food for thought for sure...

  6. I was under the impression that it was covered under contents? Am I wrong?

  7. Pidge,
    Yes, you are covered under contents but can you, from memory, recreate what you own? That's what I was referring to....and once you make the list and estimate replacement costs, you will have a better idea if your content coverage is adequate. Most of us way underestimate.

  8. I'm so happy that Sadie is feeling better....

  9. A wonderful post about a not so wonderful topic! My husband and I lost our 5th wheel several years ago to a fire. I was at a school board meeting and my husband was in the house. A young man knocked on our door and asked Dave if he knew our 'camper' was on fire. Hubby almost had a heart attack [literally, friends drove him to the ER and I met them there -- he was fine; his blood pressure understandably shot up over the safe limit] Long story short, our beloved RV was a complete loss. We had pictures, etc. of everything from our HitcHiker II stored in our house. We were very satisfied with our insurance settlement and will use it to help buy our 'retirement' RV home soon!


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