America's 911 Memorial Motorcycle Ride

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We have made plans to participate in the America's 911 10th Anniversary Memorial Ride in mid-August. This ride is to commemorate the 2996 lives lost on that fateful day. We ride in special honor of those First Responders who gave their lives without a second thought... fire, police and EMS personnel.

The ride starts in Shanksville, PA then progresses to The Pentagon and finally to the World Trade Center in NY. It is a completely police escorted ride with a maximum of 2996 riders. We are registered and are now officially part of that number.

From the website:

This commemorative Motorcycle Ride is in Remembrance of those who served, protected, lost their lives, and to the volunteers who lost their lives that tragic day. The foundation actively supports those who put their lives on the line for each of us every day. So far the foundation has presented scholarships to 58 children of First Responders totaling $150,000. The foundation has donated additionally more than $250,000. to First Responders Departments and their families. This year 15 - $2,000 college scholarships will be awarded to family members of active/disabled First Responders.

Foundation Purpose:
Is to NEVER FORGET September 11, 2001. We fund a College Scholarship program for children of Active First Responders (EMS, FIRE, POLICE) who each day place their lives on the line for all of US. The foundation assists Emergency Organizations with funds, materials, equipment and/or Volunteers when needed.

Tax Facts:
America's 911 Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization. The foundation began in October 2001 and was certified by the IRS as a Non Profit in February 2003.

The Ride:
Join us on the largest police escorted ride honoring the First Responders. We will visit all three 9-11 Memorial Sites: Shanksville PA, the Pentagon DC and the World Trade Center NY, on August 18-20. Only 2996 riders will be accepted, the number of those lost on that infamous day.

We hope some of our riding friends will join the ride with us. We hope those friends that don't ride or can't make the ride will support the foundations through us. Your donation is fully tax deductible and will NOT go towards our expenses (other than our initial ride registration). We pay all our own expenses - food, gas, hotels. We can receive some merchandise (shirts, jackets) as well as preferred riding position, dependent upon the amount of donations we have solicited.

Our Starting Point:
Friday August 19 Highland HD, Somerset, PA
**Wrist bands and Information packages Picked up HERE**
Depart 6:45am

If you wish to support us with a donation, please contact us directly to facilitate payment and receive your receipt (for tax purposes). Please do NOT donate directly on the website, we get no credit from that. All checks for donations will be made out directly to the foundation, not us. We are hoping to hit the $750 mark for at least one of us (all donations will be split 50/50 between us for tracking purposes). Remember, the money goes to the foundation, not us.

Thank you for considering a donation or participation. This ride is very special to us and we are proud to be able to join it this year, the tenth anniversary year of this tragic day that will remain in our hearts forever.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

PS> Just found out a friend did this at the five year anniversary. Check out her blog HERE.

PPS> As much as we would like to bring her, the logistics would be too difficult. We have very controlled stops, early hours, and upscale hotels to deal with. So no, Sadie won't be coming with us.


  1. As much as we would like to bring her, the logistics would be too difficult. We have very controlled stops, early hours, and upscale hotels to deal with. So no, Sadie won't be coming with us.

  2. Well dang...I was going to give a donation...but now...I just don't know....I'll have to think about it a little more...OK...I'll do it...message me an address so I can send you a check...I hope a news program or someone will document it...there is nothing like the sound of a bunch of cycles...and to ride in awesome...Good for you for doing it...

  3. Sounds like a great ride and for a very worthy cause. Tracy and I've talked about getting a bike, or specifically a trike, someday. It's definitely a post-Hunter purchase and for now, we don't know how we would tote it around. But eventually, we hope and dream. Who knows, maybe we'll be there for the 15th, 20th, or 25th anniversary ride! :)

  4. Sounds awesome! What a wonderful tribute... Have you ever participated in the Trail of Tears ride that comes through my area (NW AL)?? It is an amazing sight to see all those beautiful bikes come roaring into town.
    I'm sure you will have lots of offers for puppy-sitters!

    Stay safe...

    Kerri in AL :-)


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