Mani - Pedi Virgins

Thursday, February 17, 2011

When I was younger, manicures were way out of my price range. I did paint my own nails and toes from time to time, but have to admit it was never a priority. My fingernails never grew very well, they were brittle and broke a lot, no matter what I tried. I hated the chipping that seemed to always go along with doing my own.

Next came the Lee Press-on Nails that were SO fake looking, I never considered using them....well, other than at Halloween. LOL! Fake wasn't fashionable or campy back in those days.

Then the acrylic nails came into fashion and I found I couldn't stand the associated odors. Being even close to a nail salon gave me a blinding headache and I lost my voice.

So the most I've done in last forty+ years has been a slosh of clear polish on my nails while the toes have been completely ignored.

My youngest daughter has gotten her nails and toes done since she has been able to pay for it herself. It was her major splurge and she always urged me to give it a try. Especially a pedicure...she told me it was SO relaxing.

Okay, I love a good foot rub (but not too hard since I have tender points from my Fibromyalgia) but from a stranger? Hmmm, not so sure (and no, I've never had a professional massage either).

There have been so many news stories about infections from manicures and especially pedicures. The salons seem to all be run by folks with English as a second language. I've already had issues getting haircuts from folks who listen to what I tell then, nod and agree and then totally ignore what I said. more reason to never get them done.
So today when some RVing friends on Facebook posted about going to get a pedicure done, I posted back that I'd never had one. I really thought I was the only gal over 50 who had never had her nails or toes professionally done. Wrong! Two other ladies posted I have met and one I hope to meet...Deb and Brenda.

So now the three of us have an unofficial pact to get a mani-pedi done together next winter while we are all in southern AZ. So, any other mani-pedi virgins out there that think they might be in AZ next winter and want to join us? LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

Short history of manicures


  1. I have never had a pedicure either. Unfortunately, next winter we plan to be in Florida. So, you will have to let me know how it all goes!!

  2. Dang, Deb...looks like we are on opposing winter locations. LOL!

  3. I, too am a virgin to pedicures and manicures. Unless of course you count when Jerry paints my toes nails, he has been doing them for years. As for my fingernails, I have always done them myself and do a pretty good job at it but since being out here, I quit doing my fingernails besides just polish. They are too brittle to grow long but a little polish looks alright.

    We think we may be spending some time in AZ next winter, so I may just join you ladies!

  4. Once upon on a time I had acrylic nails for a short an infection, so that ended that. I do like a good pedicure in the springtime when I start wearing sandals and usually just get the one.

  5. I have never had mine done either, but won't be in AZ. next year. My daughter has her nails done all the time, and I am so envious of the way hers always look. I have thought about it, but always back out. Maybe this is the year to do it.

  6. I had my first pedicure a couple of years ago. My nephew and his wife gave it to me for my birthday. I sure enjoyed the experience!The only thing I think is they cut your toenails too short.

  7. I used to get the fake nails put on when I worked at the travel agency..Now I just do clear polish..I do too much garden digging to warrant much nail glamor...My toenails however, I ALWAYS keep polished, but I do my own. I am so ticklish on my feet I would end up kicking the pedi pusher in the face by mistake!

  8. I've never had either. I think I might have to start getting pedicures in a few years. I'm getting stiffer and it's harder to reach my toes to trim them! It seems I always get cramps in my thighs when I trim my toes!

    I do love a foot rub though! Is that part of the pedicure process?

  9. "Pro" mani/pedi virgin here too! Don't want anyone to touch my nails. Period... Now a good foot massage is an entirely different subject!! LOVE those!!

    I keep my toenails red - ALWAYS - to match my ruby toe ring, and keep my fingernails whatever color I fancy at the time. Right now they are red, too - Diamonds and Rubies from Sally Hansen - its luscious!

    I've always been fortunate to have nails that grew easily, and years ago had REALLY long nails. NEVER had acrylics. Can't stand the smell either...

    Cool post!

    Stay safe...

    Kerri in AL :-)

  10. Ok call me weird but I LOVE pedicures... Like you I also have Fibromyalgia but massage therapy works for me. I use to have my nails done but took them off about a year ago and will not have them done again... For some reason mine are growing beautifully now. As for the Peddies... love them, no infections ever and it is like a treat for me.
    I think you may like them!!!
    Have fun & travel safe

  11. Never a mani or pedi here either!

    And I know others think a massage is great, even my hubby bought me a gift certificate for a full body massage. Nope... not me. Gives me the heebie jeebies about some stranger touching me. The only one who can rub this body is my hubby! LOL So I gave the certificate to my daughter to use.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  12. Add me to the list - Mani-Pedi VIRGIN here !!

  13. ...and I thought I was the only one! LOL. Feel the same about the body massage. Perhaps when DH and I become FT'ers in 3 years, I'll team up with some of you other 'brave' souls and give it a shot!

  14. Love, love, LOVE my monthly mani/pedis! Back in our working days, I would get manicures twice a month and pedicures once a month. Now, it's a just a monthly splurge.


  15. Donna, you don't need a manicure if you get these motorcycle gloves...

  16. You don't have to go to the Orientals you know! There are many spa's and salons that offer manicures and pedicures as part of their services. I love pedicures and if you ask for softer rubbing during the massage period it shouldn't be a problem for them. My favorite part if the toenail grooming.

    I'm using a new product on my fingernails called Creative Nail Design Shellac. It's supposed to only be available at salons, but I've gotten it elsewhere. It wears like acrylic (lasts for 2 weeks) then you take it off and redo it! It's isn't like acrylic at all. I love it.

    I probably should have gone to nail tech school. I used to give my friends pedicures.... maybe you girls should look me up? Here's a tip for you. If you schedule an appt. go a bit early and observe. After a pedicure, they should fill the chairs' tub with water and cleaning chemical and scrub it down. OR spray it with chemical and scrub and rinse it. If they don't do that, walk away. You're not out any money. Also watch what instruments and towels they use. Do they sterilize the instruments? And use clean towels for each patron?

    When traveling I wouldn't go to the type of shop I mentioned in the beginning... call a spa or salon. Ask how many pedi chairs they have. If they only have one or two, you know they don't do that many pedi's. If they have several chairs; it's a good business for them.

    Okay, I'm done! ;o)

  17. Love manicures and pedicures. . .even drag hubby to have one done ever so often. . .no polish. . .I hate the way it feels. . .just use the buffing creme and buffing pad from Sally's. . .looks like polish. . .lasts longer.

  18. I LOVE getting a mani/pedi, but only go to places that I know. Not sure what I'll do when I'm on the road... Since we're trying to watch the budget I only got one mani/pedi this winter right before Christmas. But Spring is coming and I'm feeling the need for a good pedicure. Luckily a friend gave me a gift certificate for my recent birthday. Time to cash it in!

    I also have 3 massage gift certificates gathering dust. Really need to use them but I guess I'm scared. Never had a stranger put their hands on my nekid body! LOL

    Maybe we need a massage outing as well!

  19. I always thought it would be weird having someone massage and do my feet, but after my daughter surprised me one birthday, I LOVE love LOVE pedicures.
    Then I splurged on a facial and back and neck massage last was always heebie jeebies for me too to think about someone else touching me, but the woman who did mine was wonderful! And I was completely pain free for at least a week from my fibro....going to try getting one once a month now!!! Just have to make sure you tell them NOT to do a DEEP massage.

  20. Sorry Froggi... Think I'll remain a Virgin! :o)

  21. Meowmomma has the right idea about observing whether or not a salon/nail shop cleans their pedichairs. On the other hand, I have a FTing girlfriend who hits the W*lmarts whenever she needs her acrylics redone and gets a pedicure at the same time and so far after 4 years she's had no problems. Me, I'd check out the place first. And we will be in AZ next winter so I may just see if I can join the group at that time.


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